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  2. Tom joins envy ts "i just put gnashers in the ground" *links post* we look ahahahhahahah retard
  3. Bitch you don’t even credit me. Im the one who told you about it
  4. hahaha that orca hit made me laugh. 10/10 you boys make some good funny vids
  5. 10/10 Snipe hahahaha. i do miss bully hes so funny.
  6. Here we go again
  7. The funny thing about this is he came over to me and sheep and said " Don't worry boys im a hacker wait a sec" banned by deazy hahaha
  8. Yes 3rd party apps
  9. "Sir i work have my own house 2 kids a wife and iam not 300 kg like u. u damn virgin go do something with ur life u scrub and u are bad at the game u always play and u always suck at that. if u take my lifetips maybe u start geting a life and go out to watch the world u big fat nerd and i dont even need to talk more with a random noob like u" - Kuklinski
  10. or just dont be toxic on league
  11. You still owe me a cheeky nando's baby <3
  12. Oh i miss the good old server 5 days. Running meth with you early eu and then 24/7 camping rebel and meth with rami amir as a Lt along with Kuklinski and the rest of bad blood good times