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  1. hahaha that orca hit made me laugh. 10/10 you boys make some good funny vids
  2. 10/10 Snipe hahahaha. i do miss bully hes so funny.
  3. Here we go again
  4. The funny thing about this is he came over to me and sheep and said " Don't worry boys im a hacker wait a sec" banned by deazy hahaha
  5. Yes 3rd party apps
  6. "Sir i work have my own house 2 kids a wife and iam not 300 kg like u. u damn virgin go do something with ur life u scrub and u are bad at the game u always play and u always suck at that. if u take my lifetips maybe u start geting a life and go out to watch the world u big fat nerd and i dont even need to talk more with a random noob like u" - Kuklinski
  7. or just dont be toxic on league
  8. You still owe me a cheeky nando's baby <3
  9. Oh i miss the good old server 5 days. Running meth with you early eu and then 24/7 camping rebel and meth with rami amir as a Lt along with Kuklinski and the rest of bad blood good times
  10. They wont add it into servers 1-4 because they require the server to be modded.
  11. 4504 come at me
  12. For all you Football/Soccer supporters out there. Thanks to Chelsea securing a draw against Tottenham moments ago Leicester City FC have been crowned the champions of the Premier League. From a side at the start of the season with odds 5000/1 and even having a celebrity like Tom Hanks who put a £100 bet on us to win the league we have gone and done it. "Nobody would believe us, Nobody would believe us, Nobody would believe us, We've gone and won the league." I've supported Leicester my whole life and this is major to us after just avoiding relegation last year. I'm Proud to support the blues COYB <3