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  1. Mr. Flynnstone

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    here is my amazing cat
  2. Don’t worry my boy sharing. In the end of the day you never pretended to be black like someone.
  3. Guess its time to link the memes from last time xD
  4. all i see is server lag No action taken
  5. Oh a lone fisherman is in distress near donor rebel time to see whats up, oh wait a wanted heli leaving to arms dealer from rebel time to chase them. Oh no how did we end up at arms nvm lets send them to jail
  6. Omg dark horse at rebel on s5. All cops sit 300m from rebel i will run in and say i need backup its fine im a undercover lt
  7. What was your name in envy as if it was citNarf you was never in it as ghost and aidzo made envy retard. Other than that @Magnis good to see that infamous tag been ages since we last played with the tag
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