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  1. I would've liked it more if rebels got some free loadouts towards the end, people just stopped showing up.
  2. I've literally never understood hackers on Arma, like I almost get the blatant give everyone a million and mass kill the server people. But the ones with aimbot and pull downs that shit talk in side chat all day I just don't understand, do they need the ego boost that badly?
  3. I haven't played in months and this is the greatest thing I've seen in weeks.
  4. I can and will good sir.
  5. I am both disgusted by everyone's taste, and upset that I've watched most of them. Especially you @Tyler Especially you.
  6. Sdar works too
  7. Definitely would be nice to have, I love to see some variety occasionally.
  8. I for one wouldn't mind a nice drive in an A-10.
  9. Beat me to it. Dawn of War is pretty great too. Other than that though ive been playing a lot of mmos like Gw2, Archeage, and BDO recently.
  10. I actually didn't mind doing old prison as apd.
  11. Yea i already bought them all (No it takes a lot longer to lose them)
  12. He's higher in the ts list than the lt, so no.
  13. Good to know im not the only one who keeps a constantly refreshing tab open on paratus's profile.
  14. Warniiiing shoooootsssss. Honestly 10 bullets in a couple seconds in the direction the helicopter is ample warning imo.