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  1. s3

    never gonna forget all those fights that were had on s3...
  2. i love how she silently turns to show us that
  3. Fights last night were so fun
  4. holy shit that genuinely scared you
  5. i got a couple credit lines you can use
  6. looks like that ship has sailed
  7. and you're a soyboy
  8. fake news, this is clearly FSA propaganda fellas. don't fall for it!
  9. looks like a nascar, maybe tone it down a little bit and remove some decals because there are too many
  10. 10/10 would roleplay on a forum again
  11. 911

    fake news
  12. 911

    What did you put in that dog you ate? It's making you act even weirder than you usually are
  13. RVs can't even fit in one lane and they want a map almost as big as Altis