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  1. massi

    What do I need to build a gaming PC?

    Call me old fashioned, but I always will take a nice glass of water over that drinkable sugar.
  2. massi


    Can someone just delete this post? Like seriously, what is this suppose to accomplish?
  3. massi

    Swade’s Mega Crafting Spreadsheet

    now that's some dedication
  4. massi

    Spawn Selection Menu

    Nice work. Very clean-looking
  5. massi

    Sidechat Idea..

    What I think the man down under means is that spamming is annoying, toxicity and all aside. He just wants a rate-limiter implemented or something along the lines of it. It would be useful to implement to a certain degree, such as after 5 messages in 2-3 seconds you'd be unable to type in side chat for 1 minute. It would be effective to combat the occasional guy who has nothing better to do than to spam the n word over and over again, or people advertising other servers.
  6. massi

    WTS S1, S2, S3 real estate

    S1 wongs house sold, new house added:
  7. massi

    Meet swampletics

    After recently maxing out my ultimate ironman I decided to up the ante,
  8. massi

    Change Log 8.3.1

    TYPE 115 FOR UC?!
  9. massi

    Happy Valentine <3

  10. massi

    Asylum Video Contest Winner

    no surprise, congrats alec!
  11. massi


  12. massi

    Reapered don't hide the truth.

    reapered only faked being black once
  13. massi

    WTS S1, S2, S3 real estate

    Still for sale