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  1. Please welcome @Alex., @Luke SwagWalker, @Smurfyslaw, @Blake., @KriSSu09, @Sjuol, and @Donald who are our newest staff members. Please hit them up with any questions you may have! Special congratulations to our upcoming staff team @ds billy @DS Cherry @ds legend @DS Richard @Ds Lt earlhart @DS Wesfromak @DS_Billy @Kal-El @DankBud @cHIP oTLE @Slime @Ron Johnson @Battabing @Leroy Jenkins @Hoodlum Priest @Crasher2003 @Maaqs @Devin @Gregg @WizeV @Zero Muffins @Abramos @Sidewinder @Deputy Justin •0311• @Tommy Jones12 @Rivers @J9HUNNA @Reaper @Barry the Pilot For a full list of our upcoming staff team, please refer to this link https://my.gaming-asylum.com/gang?gid=27
  2. I think you should probably blame domestic abusers for this
  3. 500k to join, message Bag Of Funyuns ingame. Thank you sir.
  4. that’s cap which fag admin deleted my DS comment
  5. tell us who applied so we can make fun of them
  6. I'm gonna have to stop breaking rules now
  7. If i’m not mistaken, money spent that restart goes to the overall payout? If this is the case, the money will go down from here. A lot of people got on for the hype.
  8. Fix being able to open vehicle trunk in a menu like wanted list or phone. Its aggravating af when you’re in the wanted list and press t and it opens the trunk.
  9. good idea, @TaylorSwift suggested this along with a few other things awhile back.
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