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  1. Well that's pretty much what you'll get cause noone does weed.
  2. He play's Dark RP he must be good +1
  3. lmao who going to buy out a weed house for a mil.
  4. https://gyazo.com/369c74defbd088cc63d68c4f3504ee1b https://gyazo.com/29c19bec571ed407e2a90754125a1ca5 https://gyazo.com/fbda35e38a8b9bd91e905ecc7699181e Bungalow right next to the 75% guy for Altis shipping. Bid offer.
  5. Yikes and you tried ghost bidding
  6. $0.02 that's my paycheck. So that's all I can do.
  7. Dragon is now doing scotch! Oh great another red zone we got to be careful of getting sui vested or speed bombed.
  8. 1.9 nvm dont need it
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