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  1. +1 when there are banks we would never lose!
  2. You do understand that people will just check it every 5 minutes or so while it just hovers above, then when someone shows up they will clap them. Edit: If this was added your prices listed above are broken. It should cost wayyyy more than 7.5k for the drone.
  3. Exactly all these people are saying he got fired and I'm over here like
  4. Great addition hope it helps the community out
  5. Battery is when someone deliberately touches another person without his or her consent, with a body part, substance or object. You do not necessarily have to hit someone to get arrested for battery. Spitting on someone could get you arrested for battery. Pretty sure that cop would have been just fine if that guy spit on him and it hit him in the face.....
  6. If you were in there right now you could probably get an interview soon.
  7. I want to post messages on the right-hand side now but can only do left and center!!!!!!!
  8. The no combat stance was worse than the song tbh... that shit had me upsetti spaghetti
  9. What do you mean the script isn't broken....? is it?
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