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  1. Spec


    yeah around 2015, but you were here before me.
  2. Spec


    1 v 1 OG for name
  3. Declined, Come back with some more experience.
  4. Yes I need a loan for 16 RPGs at 23k an RPG to use against my enemies
  5. Gang life dead anyway, who cares if you lost your tags.
  6. Even your average golfer has a rangefinder.
  7. @Energy I'm just gonna put 100k above what he offers so just let me know.
  8. 1.7, how badly do you really want it. Show me
  9. In-game Name: SpecAge:13Previous Gangs:Team Berry, Kavala Rats, Good Corp, Banter Gang.Hours on Arma 3: 7367 afk hoursDo you have any friends in the gang: I have no friends period.
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