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  1. haidao

    New Mods

    Congrats new mods
  2. I have applied for more than twenty hours and the administrator does not solve my problem. He has a personal feeling.
  3. Our mail is rubbish. I've been on the ban for twenty hours No one manages to explain why
  4. My network has no problem just delay 200 I am a Chinese player, I think so Chinese players are such network
  5. Why don't you solve my problem on the topic I don't see free speech. This is what you said democracy and equality should delete my topic. Administrator abuse of power No supervision if the server does not like our Chinese players inscription suggested that our Chinese player to withdraw from the server you should return our sponsorship is disappointed to you
  6. I can't understand what you thought of the injunction you asked me to do.

    Why do you online but don't want to help me lift the ban


  7. I can't understand your abuse of power as an administrator

    Don't you have a network delay ban a player

    Or do you have a personal mood

    We kill each other in the game very normal behavior can not revenge players


  8. Why don't you help me lift the ban

    My reason for the ban


  9. Does the doctor have the right to close the hospital? Does the doctor count his teammates? He himself did not warn

    1. Sojobo


      The man with the gun is the one who told you to holster your weapon. The doctor might have been a civilian wearing the medic clothing associated with the culprit, I'm not sure.

  10. Is the doctor also his friend

  11. BaDaBiNg_10-8  We are in the process of fighting to put me in the ban this is a kind of behavior

    Administrator to participate in the game of war with a personal emotional ban me this is what I want to explain the behavior


  12. Dear management I do not understand what the reason of the ban is to discriminate against our Chinese players?


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    2. haidao


      Can explain what my ban is


    3. haidao


      The management of multiple RDM players I upload video forum why no management

    4. haidao
  13. You have racial discrimination
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