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  1. bring back bounty hunter as it was ... people always complain how they got pistol banged and how it's cheap but on the other hand they complain about how the server is dying and they dont get any action ... people are idios and dont know what they want anyway ... give me back my bountyhunter so that I can afk in kavala waiting for the occasional rdmer or crybaby to turn in ... thanks
  2. I prefer my criminals armed with knives and forks but that is just sane old me and for every case of valid self defense there is probably 2 cases of a dumb murican gettin shot by an even dumber murican .... but like I said I don't really care I just had to say something after seeing that argument every single time and it's just so fuckin idiotic I want to cut myself every fuckin time
  3. I don't really care if you muricans murder each other over there but I hear that argument everytime and I just want to say that it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard ... carry on
  4. played the hypegame too long without delivering imo ... was understandable but still a bad move
  5. sending rdmers and combatloggers to jail is my only way of income because everything else means I have to actually leave Kavala and do something and that is no bueno
  6. you are even worse than me ... I approve
  7. yeah listen to the inbred swedish cunt that went to jail for beating up a single guy with 5 of his friends yeeeha
  8. landon you are the smartest boy I've ever seen on this god forsaken server I can now go without regrets as the future is in safe hands
  9. Not fun being cop? Criminals wasting your time? Retired APD Captain Clockwerk recommends to act according to APD guidelines
  10. is this the outstanding rolololplay I've heard so much about?
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