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  1. I heard requiem is looking for more retards
  2. I don't know man, I'm sure Negan would of loved to fuck Steve's giant fucking forehead
  3. my names not included, I approve -inactive gang member xd
  4. when you forget to buy more than 10 grenades for your cartel fight
  5. Yenii

    Arms Cap

    Honestly it seems like they removed OG. I haven't seen it on OG in a week.
  6. can someone explain why arms is never on OG

  7. Due to the continued spread of Covid-19, Torment has suspended all operations and will be quarantining in our houses. Thank you for your continued support.
  8. In-Game Name:Yenii Age: 20 Arma Hours [Screenshot]: https://gyazo.com/7a227f935853309e5f0a129a3ba362f3 Previous Gangs: Evil Corp, Encore, Rebel department v2, encore v2 Why should we accept you: somewhat decent player, will pull vehicles for the boys, another bodybag Who can vouch for you: I don't know
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