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  1. I miss the old Rodrigo, straight from the go Rodrigo
    Chop up the soul Rodrigo, set on his goals Rodrigo
    I hate the new Rodrigo, the bad mood Rodrigo
    The always rude Rodrigo, spaz in the news Rodrigo
    I miss the sweet Rodrigo, chop up the beats Rodrigo
    I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet Rodrigo
    See I invented Rodrigo, it wasn't any Rodrigos
    And now I look and look around and there's so many Rodrigos
    I used to love Rodrigo, I used to love Rodrigo
    I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Rodrigo
    What if Rodrigo made a song about Rodrigo
    Called "I Miss The Old Rodrigo, " man that would be so Rodrigo
    That's all it was Rodrigo, we still love Rodrigo
    And I love you like Rodrigo loves Rodrigo, hahaha

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    2. Ethan Darrell

      Ethan Darrell


    3. goyney


      new and old, they both suck

    4. Roice


      Best in the game


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