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  1. Now unfortunately I know who you are...
  2. Congratulations!!!! Make us proud bud!
  3. "FUCK YOU CLINT, I QUIT!" will be the best thing ever said out of your mouth @ron [unreformed].
  4. Chow Mein


  5. It seemed to be a 2 time thing. I had used 2 talent points and they didn't sync for 2 restarts but now they work fine.
  6. The APD is required to be in character at all times. If you find someone that inst doing that or who really is not role playing make an IA. When people don't report it we cant do anything about it.
  7. Neither are talent points.
  8. @MrChow I thought I told you to always go for the head?
  9. You send me a snap chat of your ugly thumb looking self and you dont mention me???
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