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  1. so u blackllisted me before you got blacklisted? when i never did shit? you little fuckin autistic retard go fuck a goat 

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    2. Good Lub

      Good Lub

      angry monkeyman

    3. Chow Mein

      Chow Mein

      who the fuck are you retard lmfao

    4. The Forgotten Legend

      The Forgotten Legend

      nice blacklist shitter

  2. What are my chances, I'm reformed.
  3. Or he can walk the extra 5 feet and be next to you when it happens
  4. Can you make it to where we can use bloodmoney to buy saved loadouts?
  5. Looking for people to say the N word with me on steves stream
  6. @Mitch (IFRIT) they leaked the support interviews again.
  7. Considering how all the people you know dont play anymore I find that incorrect, also seeing as almost everyone who quotes you or talks about you calls you stupid I think you have some narcissistic traits and should consider going to therapy.
  8. He will make an excuse on why hes right and why everyone else is always wrong and autistic.
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