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  1. Its far from the hospital, are you sure you'll be ok?
  2. You can see perfectly inside the hq through the second window on the top
  3. Calling all Kavala rats, this is your time to shine! Throw me your best offers
  4. Im talking too the real developers, not some 16 year old who learned in engineering class.
  5. The cop ratio is broken, 68 civs online and 7 medics online with 14 cops and im unable to log in... Before you say they might be in the lobby, only 2 people are not logged and in the lobby.
  6. Then once you kill the first 2 cops leave the area numb Nuts. They go back for their second life see no one is there mark the area and you can go back with 20 mins free of marked officers
  7. So you’d rather have a cop call his 5 friends and come and get you then have him go by himself die then come back again by himself? I’d say your chances of surviving are pretty high when it’s just 1 guy compared to a group.
  8. Yea it’s already a thing, we have a 2 life rule already. If you die on the first trip there you may return one more time then you can’t for another 20 minutes unless stated in the policy update.
  9. Chow Mein

    Leady wtf?

    Can’t tell you how many apples I’ve picked up on the way to the bank...
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