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  1. How long ago was that? How many servers were up on both sides?
  2. Because no one has the balls to do it...
  3. To be fair ive never heard of half of these servers. Im sure the name Asylum is well know throughout the Arma community which will bring people into the server. None of these servers are even a role play server and im only speaking for myself of course but I am more than willing to wait an extra week to see a refreshing map.
  4. Isn't the whole premise of this server is that it MIGHT be temporary? If thats the case give the people what they want and make it a different map? I see where your coming from "what if it doesn't need to be shut down and stays up? Well I don't see many other popular life servers on a different map. Just my 2 cents but Altis is boring and we've been playing it for years.
  5. Huge +1 if you like a guy who talks 24/7 and believes hes the best player in the game
  6. If its plain old altis, I will be sad.
  7. Every like is a revive for chunks headless body.
  8. I didnt wear any, so my knees are really bruised now and I regret not taking the advice of getting a pair.
  9. Steve said "Whos gonna be the guy who looks like Glenn after negan fuck his skull" And I couldn't think of anyone better than you!
  10. You were lagging so bad you didn't show up in the pic
  11. Couldn't of said it better myself.
  12. It takes 14 of you too kill 6 of us, unlucky.
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