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  1. Looking for people to say the N word with me on steves stream
  2. were all broke, we use discord
  3. @Mitch (IFRIT) they leaked the support interviews again.
  4. Considering how all the people you know dont play anymore I find that incorrect, also seeing as almost everyone who quotes you or talks about you calls you stupid I think you have some narcissistic traits and should consider going to therapy.
  5. He will make an excuse on why hes right and why everyone else is always wrong and autistic.
  6. 9/10 times, they are gonna alt F4 not soft log
  7. Chow Mein


    Is the gorilla black or white
  8. The purpose of lethals were to kill the threat not pardon them. When someone sits in a house and shoots people we lethal them so they cant be revived and continue to kill people (unless there more than 1 then you lethal both). We lethal bank roof and prison so its easier to push into the event and have a better chance of ending it with one person dead and another reviving, not to give them a pardon. Thats why lethals being a pardon was brought up in every APD meeting because people abused it too much. It gives incentive to keep going back to said event instead of the mindset "well he lost his bounty, im not going back".
  9. still have more knowledge than you ever will buddy
  10. I meannnn how do you learn some time management when they do a bank 12 mins before restart and you get them all downed and restrained with 3 mins left? With this you should probably change the federal events to be on a lock-down a certain time before restart.
  11. At least its not @Patato
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