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  1. Of course im the one requesting a revive
  2. make a group and leave it, if that does not work make a group and have everyone join it...
  3. White-listing every single faction is not the key to making this place more enjoyable...
  4. Yea I hate the new lights and sirens...
  5. In by far the most immature way possible, we dont need cry baby's taking up precious slots
  6. https://gyazo.com/90fd2f8098dc478027ffea4c3c35bedd https://gyazo.com/cc1c473c5b4df949d7982bd0f71497b2 For sure man
  7. We use plenty of common sense, im surprised no one had the common sense to remove you sooner.
  8. Well I think you have proven that point...
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