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  1. Compilation of vdms/drops/and other nonsense. I would like to thank Nate ishigh, whom has been a mentor and great influence. I owe 90% of my VDM's to him and 100% of my N word usage.
  2. Thanks guys, soon im going to drop a VDM/flying montage, something that takes ACTUAL skill.
  3. Nobody cares about you moving your mouse around and pointing at stuff. And only 14 year old fatherless kids listen to gangster rap.
  4. In-Game Name Morgan Lacerda Age 24 Arma Hours(Screenshot) https://gyazo.com/cdc15979848a3e987729fed8d5e00b42 5200 Banked Money 100k Have you ever been Banned? Yes Current/Past Gangs Past gangs: Armed Forces, DS Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak? Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad? I'd like to redeem myself.
  5. I never suggested that, I am making the observation that balancing civ and cop side is impossible, considering the different levels of skill. Perhaps read things twice in the future so you don't get confused.
  6. I think this is more a critique of Constables, Corporals+ generally never not re-gear. Constables might just rock the 5.56 if they're lazy. Admittedly, however, it can be quite frustrating for civs, who maybe don't have that many hours on Arma 3, to have to fight off an infinite wave of cops. But asylum has always been a shit show for trying to balance cop and civ side, considering civs come in all shapes and sizes.
  7. @BlackShot Representing for the Brazilians. Congrats you bitch
  8. No I'm honestly curious. I've had a lot experience around the typical gang member of asylum. I'm just trying to fit in man. I started DDOSing people from opposing gangs, I've got pull downs, because we all know, I'm absolute trash without em. Oh, and I take gang life so seriously that I quit studying, I treat people like shit, and I live off of handouts.
  9. Is knowing how to DDOS and download cheats a requirement? Besides that, I meet the rest of the requirements.
  10. Brazil Porra @BlackShot @Mr. Linux
  11. +1 im honestly getting tired of being banned for rotor tapping orcas.
  12. In-Game Name- Morgan Lacerda Age- 23 Arma Hours(Screenshot)- 4800 Banked Money- +2,500,000 Have you ever been Banned?- One time for unloading a car into someone's house and blowing it up. I've also been banned a few times for VDM, all have been successfully appealed. Current/Past Gangs- Armed Forces, a brazilian gang. Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?-Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- Well, for the Asylum part of things, I have little interest in shooting, but I am great at vdming people without sacrificing the helicopter. But besides that, I bel
  13. You're on thin ice with me Samperino. Keep the smack talk up and you'll be going on vacation, kid.
  14. Can confirm, he's got an embarrassing video of me trying to shoot him.
  15. The Captains aren't the only ones to abuse their position, and seeing how many of the people complaining don't often play cop, I'm sure they have no clue. It should also be noted here, that while the Captains enjoy little to no accountability, they still show far more restraint than this new pathetic admin/moderator team. All the positions of responsibility and " authority" in the Asylum servers have been able to be exploited with no accountability, because the community has become complacent and because of the toxic behavior of promoting your friends. I agree that the Captains should be
  16. I agree with the rebels on this one, infinite rez for sgts+ is too much. It has unquestionably been a topic of hot debate over the last few years, as you can see by the countless posts on the forums about it. I move to switch the infinite rez perk for downing RPG's, grenades, suicide vests, and, of course, 7,62's for constables+. While we're at it, let's make it so banks, feds, and prisons have to be attacked instead of defended by the rebels. As we can see by the Evidence locker, rebels fare very well when on the offensive. Yes, this should even the odds, given how skilled these gangs ar
  17. There are several ways of RPing, and "hands up or die" is pretty universal by now.
  18. If you kidnap me and then say 'drop your gear or die' you aint getting my gear...if you give me a good reason to drop my gear and give me a little story ill happily drop my gear for you. But obviously this is presuming you will kidnap me, I never go to kavala
  19. I don't have a problem with you camping chop at all, that's not what I said. What I am saying is that you're not in the position to talk smack, considering the fact that you are incompetent. And I will engage you every time I see you there. Don't know if that was clear enough in the last post lol
  20. Im going to take this as a free smack talk zone. So you camp chop shop all day, and then when content finally shows up you miss all your shots as well as an RPG. Let's talk about the day where we dropped on you with a hummingbird and you got downed by a guy with spawn gear.
  21. Me and @Ken. had an interesting experience with them while on cop. They initiated and downed us at Athira medical thinking we were rebels, but upon finding out we were cops, they said sorry at least 3 dozen times, unrestrained us and let us go. We didn't even bother going after and charging them, just by how surprised we were by the fact that a group of players didn't take advantage of restrained cops. I respect those chinamen.
  22. You clearly forgot to add the clips were you were using your cheats..
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