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So i've just come back to Asylum....

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3 hours ago, HomeTrlx said:

Wtf crumpet and hi glad to see u back


2 hours ago, Sean That Irish Guy said:

Ohh dear lord...



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1 hour ago, 王 i have aids in my but 王 said:

You need fresh air, fresh puss, and some weed after playing for that long.

i got sleep! and now i'm refreshed for round 2! haha

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7 hours ago, Big Fred said:


Especially when being downed by bounty hunters for some reason.

Causes this weird bug where you Dissapear.  Im a professional don't worry i will be back.

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11 hours ago, Dull said:

Oh no. 

Holy shit you're still around too! :O 

I Knew you wouldnt forget me buddy <3 

11 hours ago, BaDaBiNg_10-8 said:

Young crumpet and I were in *Brotherhood* together in Summer 2014. 

#BringBackBrotherhood? Imagine the 30 of us, dominating again!

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