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eazy:( lil bad music

is Cydurban.com a legit site?

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Guest lil poof

can someone just answer the fucking question and stop being cunts 

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Again this is my preference so its certainly not yours but maybe youll find something you like - @eazy:(. I make good money now but this is where I have been getting my clothes for years and its near impossible get size 14 shoes in stock that dont cost a fortune so you may appreciate this if your tall:

One place I get a lot of shoe's from (Adidas ultrabounce/alphabounce) and some sweatshirts is the addidas store on ebay:
(Love their shoes and a lot of their stuff goes on heavy sales. If you have a size 14 shoe like me you wont find better prices ... or stock available lol)

One place I get my shorts (basketball), Occasional Basketball shoes, and tanktops is from Eastbay:
(Insanely good quality basketball shorts and one of the only ones that tell you the length - so if your tall you would appreciate that).

One place I like to get T shirts from is old navy - again they have tall clothes so I dont have to get poncho's if I want something to fit (6'3):
(Sales are shit right now but I can normally get a pair of jeans for 15-25$, Shirts for 3-10$, Cargo Shorts for 10-25$)


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