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LUKER | Asylum 2

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4 hours ago, Truthy said:

This guy is sex


4 hours ago, wollie35 said:

One of the few good players with good music and is not a mongloid I feel like from memory. Good shit



3 hours ago, Carole Baskin said:

another montage i dont die in too ez



3 hours ago, skrood said:

my fav puta n1 x


2 hours ago, Lucien said:

Gamer hours n1


2 hours ago, Jaster said:

Nice montage, wanna join my milsim guild?


2 hours ago, uc. said:

Nice one mate 


1 hour ago, Walt said:

n1 luker


12 minutes ago, [email protected] said:

very nice shame you have a fat head

ty lads ❤️ x


22 minutes ago, Nomadox said:

n1 schitzo I hope the voices stop

it was a baby fox stop


Just now, Water said:

These smoke glitch wipes are getting out of hand 😤

like one clip lmao

Lucien and Nomadox like this

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16 hours ago, Jimmy Jarvis said:

wow nice montage zinner


15 hours ago, Huan Lee said:

good montage

tyty ❤️ 


14 hours ago, Lorax said:

best schizophrenic arma player

baby fox dude 

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