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Cocaine SHED (RARE)

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House, Garage, Industrial Shed:  SHED

Location (Town/DP#):  Right outside 12

Asking Price: starting at 2m 

Description: WOW! One of the best sheds in game. close to cocaine (600 meters) and close to Air HQ and Air Shop! Guys this is a once in a lifetime buy! I LOVED this shed. But i bought a vacation home in Kavala and would like to buy another one and need the house spot.  Robbing can be done easy from this shed and just farming. Good luck to all those who bid! and may the best win!!!

Pictures/Video Walk-through:











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5 hours ago, The Forgotten Legend said:

Ill buy it if i can have my current gang house switched with this shed without having to disband my gang and reform.

Ill put it to good use.



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12 hours ago, Roice said:

Imagine a moderator selling a coke shed FOR 2 MILLION back to the community that he now moderates with infinite money.




1 hour ago, The Forgotten Legend said:




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