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My Asylum Update - 10/27/2020

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Hello All,

Some small (but useful) features have been implemented into myAsylum.

  • "Altis Real Estate Map" 
    • Has three different views:
      • My Houses - Shows all houses owned by logged in account
      • For Sale Houses - Shows all houses that players put for sale
      • All Houses - Shows all houses & relevant information (Staff only)
  • Faction Time Played Table (Faction Leaders Only)
    • Allows faction leaders see playtime of players for the following intervals; 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days
    • Previous time played data is not grandfathered in as of now. It will take time for this to populate correctly.
  • Funds Editor (Staff only)
    • Gives staff the ability adjusts a player's bank account
    • Allows for players to be compensated even when they are in game. (Money is sent to player's mailbox)
    • *important* Player name shows green when they are playing and will disallow the ability for funds to be removed because the player cannot be in game when removing funds, only adding. Example of green name is shown below


Hotfix 1:

  • Gang Page fixed
  • Phone Messenger fixed
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