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IRS Repossessed Building Auction! Feat: A Shed & More!


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The IRS has recently repossessed two high value property's and are auctioning them off to the highest bidder. Bidding closes February 26th at midnight EST.

*Bids must be $10,000 higher than the previous bid to be valid.
*In the final hour of bidding Bids must be 50k higher than the previous to be valid*
*Please note as this is an IRS auction all bids will be taken seriously. This means we will come tow away your cars, raid your house and do whatever needs to be done until you pay off the bid price should you win.

All property's come with no items and no upgrades.

Property 1. Industrial Shed in Orino, Starting Bid $200,000


Property 2. Stone long house 1km from meth lab. Starting bid $120,000.



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1 hour ago, •ÐŠ• Randy said:

wait so i can buy this shed without having the money and just be in debt to the apd forever? Doesnt sound so bad. $3,010,000 for shed.

APD got nothing to do with it. Its Mayhem and i systematically dismantling everything on your account until the debt is paid. and let me tell you the exchange rate on prestige/honor/civ XP to cash is not good.

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