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Lawless andyr global ban.

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15 minutes ago, FilipinoBusinessman said:

you know him huhuh


No I just understand that an Arma 3 server does not hand out global bans that also add a game ban on steam accounts... except Wokka CQC of course.


Wokka CQC, now featuring Arma 3 Global Bans. Wokka CQC on top.

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4 minutes ago, FilipinoBusinessman said:


so sad andyr doesnt have global ban. cuz im friend with him in steam before :(


its ok andyr take a vacation bro

fyi he used to play in woqqa before. when he got ban for dpi. Hhuhuhuhuhuuh

now he get ban for hxxxxxX

Agreed. Hhuhuhuhuhuuh

Woqqa CQC on top.

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