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Asylum Server | Gray area FAQs | Please post your questions!

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   In this thread you may ask any questions you have pertaining to server rules, illegal areas and stuff like that! If you have something that is potentially an exploit or can be abused, then use the exploit reporting section HERE. Please be sure to read the following content before submitting a question:

Server Rules | Illegal Areas and Red Zones

   As time progresses i will format this post and add in common questions in an effort to keep the information easily accessible. The thread from the old forums got very messy with so many hands in the pot so it is time for a new style. 

ONLY ADMINS SHALL ANSWER QUESTIONS. This means if you ARE NOT an admin, you DO NOT answer questions. Too many people spread false information which would be counter productive to this threads purpose! Thanks ^_^   

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45 minutes ago, Atmosphere said:

Can you be racist without racist intent?

No.  It's against the rules even if you RP as a racist.  

Obviously someone screaming the N word over side chat is more severe than someone saying "We don't take to kindly to your types around here darkie"  but either way it's against the rules.  


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49 minutes ago, - RJ - said:

Is anything being done to cut down the Rdm reports?

I suggested to add a group tag under everyone's name like the gang they are in or a group color for the 10 allowed in group. Thanks

I think one of the major issues players need to realize is that since the audio changes in direct chat your voice does not carry as far as it did in the past.  If someone is 50+ meters away they're probably not going to hear you.  This issue is further magnified if there are car engines, choppers, other people talking, desync, VON lag, etc.  The person initiating RP is responsible for making sure the person hears them.  A lot of ban appeals for RDM that have video evidence will show them telling the person "Hands up Bob!" from 100 meters away but he can't hear it from that distance. 

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17 minutes ago, - RJ - said:

I am more speaking on the issue with Gang A tag attacking someone but someone with Gang B tag is in group shooting at the target. Some groups have like 6 different gangs in a group. So when you think you are only dealing with Gang A, You have Gang B-G shooting at you since they are in a the same group. You do not know who to shoot lol. But If they had a color or marker or name of the group like how the gang name looks. Might help that situation. At least cut down :) 

   Was already suggested a long time ago to add a symbol to each persons name within a group so they could be identified as "together". Just have to wait and see if anything changes in that regard to clean up the game play.

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If there ate two people that are initiated with you and you kill one that then gets in the car of the person are initiated with are you allowed to kill the person you just killed without initiating

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5 hours ago, Sean // Fitty Bread said:

if the popo's base @ pyrgos is being held by rebels going pew pew killing them in rp then they respawn there and clearly are running to cover and know the fight is going on do i still have to reengage with them

Yes you still have to initiate with him, unless he starts firing shots at you or your group.  


Taking over police HQ's in my opinion is fine if you're trying to rescue someone in custody.  Taking over HQ's just to kill cops is pretty scummy with attacking an HQ briefing being the most scumbag thing you could do.

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4 hours ago, Nazorrips said:

How do the prestigious points work? Because on thing under the phone it shows those, and i had no idea what they were.

   Once you accumulate over $1,000,000 you begin to earn "prestige" as the money caps at $1million. Prestige allows you to have access to things such as custom titles in game and vehicle skins etc. 

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1 hour ago, Midamaru said:

I often see ifrits driving over players at cartels. Which yeah often that person is firing a gun but almost never "In the way of the ifrit." It seems gangs have adapted to the courtesy of just not killing a person once rammed. 

So to clarify: VDM rules apply as much at cartels as in general? 

Yes VDM rules apply across the entire server which includes cartels.


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7 hours ago, Defconik said:

So you say the person initiating RP is responsible to make sure the person hears them. And then you reference people submitting videos of themselves initating from 100 meters away. Would the ban still be lifted if you submitted the video in question? Or would it stick because you are responsible for them hearing you?

It depends on the situation.  If a reasonable person would conclude that the person could/should hear them from that distance it would most likely be lifted.  If it's clear that there's no way the guy could hear him given distance/background noise/helicopter, etc then the ban would probably stick depending on their previous RDM record.


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12 hours ago, Haych said:

Roleplay bank jobs - For a while I've thought of doing one with the boys, but we all know most people play Asylum for the combat, not the roleplay, so I was wondering, If I was to try to pull one off, how would I stop the cops from coming in all guns blazing?, has anyone ever attempted to RP the bank before? Sending a message before hand will just ruin the whole point of roleplay. I got a handful of amazing ideas but i'm, worried with the mentality on Asylum that police won't corporate. 

RDM - Is it bannable to kill someone even if they have 100% complied?. I have been killed many times after complying, many for stupid reasons such as "I want to increase my bounty" or "I don't like you" etc..

Direct Chat - We all know whatever Paratus done with Direct Chat, you can't move and talk, when you do, your voice lags. I have been initiated on a thousand times where the persons voice is lagging so bad because they are running around that I can't make out what they are saying and I just get killed. In this case, can I report?, or do I just have to deal with it until it gets fixed.

3p looking through walls - I've seen this mentioned a lot but I would like it cleared up from a Admin. Can I 3rd person through walls? 99% of servers would count this as exploiting, but after Diseased's video, many people have said its fine to do on Asylum.

I only have these for now, i'll post more later when I can think of more questions. Thanks.

Roleplay bank jobs - Anything that improves the level of RP on the server should be encouraged.  You could try your RP scenario with some hostages and a text message to police once you have started the robbery.  It's up to the officers online at the time on how to respond.  It's going to be hit and miss with how much RP you get before the bullets start flying.

RDM - If they have 100% complied with your demands you must have a legit reason as to why they must die in order to kill them.  "Listen man, I know you've got a wife but I can't leave any witnesses....I'll take care of your wife though.  Any last words?"  Something to like that would work.  "You don't have any money!" bang.  Is not enough of a reason.

Direct Chat - This would be looked at on a case by case basis.  I agree it's hard to deal with right now.

3p looking through walls - Looking through walls is way to hard to police so we don't ban for it.  Shooting through walls we do take action.

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1 hour ago, Cukofuko said:

Hypothetical situation:

You see two guys doing turtles in a hemmt. One of them is in the wong house and the other is 10 meters away from it by the hemmt. You shoot at the person in wongs sine it doesnt require rp. Are you clear to engage the person by the hemmt since they are in a group?

If it's clear that they are both there to sell turtles then yes you are clear to engage.

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9 hours ago, Miss Evo said:

Someone initiated with you and you kill their friend, they then get into their car and drive away. A minute or two later they come back and the person you just killed is with them again and with a gun. Seen as the person why are with is friends with them can you then kill them again without initiating

If it's clear they're both together and within the time you stated then yes you can shoot them.  If the guy respawns and is not with his buddy who drove away you would need to initiate RP with him.

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24 minutes ago, Sean // Fitty Bread said:


All of the cartel locations are red areas, meaning during a fight all of arms island, meth peninsula, coke land, and heroin area is all no RP needed, correct?

We almost never get RDM reports near cartels.  If it's clear the person is in the general area of the cartel with a weapon the 300m red zone is not an issue.  The only issue I have seen is people shooting at helicopters that are passing by meth cartel doing DP missions or something else.  No one is going to get banned for shooting a sniper on the windmills 1 km out from the Arms Cartel.  It's clear they're there to fight.

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31 minutes ago, Vanilla Coke said:

If I'm shooting at someone, and the bullets go through them and kill the person behind them, can I be banned?

And if I submit video evidence stating it was an accident?

Answer both as if they were two completely different scenarios, one with video evidence and one without.


Also, If I shoot out a guys tires and he hops out with a gun, but doesn't fire a shot but looks like he's trying to fight, i.e. trying to find cover, or running straight towards me, can I shoot him? Or do I have to initiate through voice/text or he shoots first?

1) You could, the evidence we get is all we get to go off of. While it may look like RDM, it may have been a simple mistake. Usually players contact that player and apologize and comp them for lost gear or inventory.

2) If you showed that it was an accident, your ban would be lifted. Tough to penalize a player for an accidental kill (wrong place, wrong time). 

3) This one is such a grey area, but just look at the rules: 

RDM is killing another player without any type of HOSTILE role-play being initiated and reasonable amount of time for the target to react.

Intentions must be clearly stated to the intended target, and they MUST be given reasonable time to react.

While you did give the player Hostile intent that his life was in danger-> He is able to fire upon you
Reasonable amount of time to react -> Well he was able to get out and find cover, so sufficient amount of time is given 
Intentions -> What intentions were said or texted? Appears to be none in this scenario. One could argue and compare it to warning shots given to helicopters, however, you disabled the vehicle.

So in conclusion, you would still need to initiate with your intentions.

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19 minutes ago, Vanilla Coke said:

The way Arma combat works, it's usually whoever gets the jump on the other wins the fight, and direct chat is broken and it's a guaranteed trade kill because you will lag, he will lag, we'll all lag, and you both lose your gear. The way direct chat lags you now, it impossible to initiate with voice almost at all now without the target knowing they're going to die if they don't do what you say, and they can't hear you so they will always die. In a combat situation direct chatting lags you hard and you trade kill because of it usually.


Also, what you're saying is if I shoot out his/her tires, and I give him enough time to run behind cover, he's fair game? As the shots should be enough warning that I'm probably going to kill him, or rob him. I understand this isn't a wasteland server and RP should be initiated when you're not sure if it's initiated, but when RP initiation will get you killed instantly (as he doesn't have to say anything but you do) I assume you want us to avoid that because bad experience and all that good stuff.

I do understand how Arma Combat works, trust me :-P

But you need to understand is that you put yourself in that situation, not the driver. 

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5 hours ago, Tiefman said:

Please please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLLEEEASSEEEEE tell me every fucking aspect/rule/nook/cranny of the "active firefight" bullshit.


Also, if an area just turned not red, when can u kill people? Gotta reinitiate as soon as it's no longer red or is there a timer? (For banks/turf)


2 hours ago, Donald Trump said:

Could I get some clarifications on an Active Firefight, specifically, the mechanics and policies on this. Some people are often confused with the term active firefight and misuse this as an excuse to rdm.

Well the term 'Active Firefight' is pretty simple. So lets just break down the two words. Firefight is essentially when two or more parties are exchanging shots and Active basically means it is currently going on. So basically, it means there is currently a shootout between two or more parties at the present time. Also, just because two or more parties are initiated with hostile intent towards another, and are currently shooting at one another, doesn't give other players the right to just jump in and shoot whomever they want. 

Now remember! There is a reason why we ask for 5 minutes of video for proof of RDM. It is so we can see what happened PRIOR to the claimed RDM. This also means, your window of RP for hostile intent is also 5 minutes. 

Once an area turns red, it is KOS. Once the area is no longer red, it is no longer KOS. But let me expand on this a bit more. We will use a Prison Break for this example:

**Gang X and Cops are fighting at the Prison. The prison break is over and the area is no longer red, HOWEVER, since the two parties are still in an active firefight, KOS between ONLY the two parties is still permitted until the situation is over or done with. Now its not completely over or done with until 5 minutes has passed without any shots between the two parties (because of the 5 minute window we give all players for initiation of RP).**

I hope that clears it up for you. 

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1 minute ago, Hakeem said:

1-Is it against the rules to change your name? (when you have a big bounty)

2- Can cops stop a suspected guy using another name and charge him with identity theft? (let say you go to the HQ with another name but you talk to them and they know your voice and they know you were wanted before you changed your name)

1 - No, just don't CL to do so. 

2 - Yes. That was the point of the Identity theft charge in the first place. 

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19 hours ago, Laitka said:

i've seen this one be Okay'd by an admin before but it still doesn't make sense to me how it's neither an exploit or VDM. Someone lands an orca on a moving hemmt and causes all of its tires to go red. You are using a vehicle to purposefully damage someone else's vehicle in a way that makes no sense. Is there an explanation why this is allowed?

   I mean you run a huuuge risk of blowing somebody up. This goes back to why i got rolling barricades removed for the police force. When you try and use your vehicle VS another vehicle, ARMA wins 100% of the time. You end up blowing the other player up or killing them which is a terrible user experience. If you want to rolling barricade as a civ then you run the risk of being held accountable for ARMA physics. Most of the time it will look like straight up VDM so there is that too. DONT DO ITTTT, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

18 hours ago, The Boss said:

Lets say you are taking/defending drug cartel at the peninsula (east of DP 10). You proceed to kill the players that are there/show up. They then decided to return multiple times in boats. Even though they are 300+ meters away, would it be considered RDM to shoot them while they are approaching via boat as there is nothing relatively close? Or do I have to wait til they are within 300 meters of the flag?

   Really boils down to their intent, in this situation i would probably shoot them as they approached the cartel especially if we were previously fighting. When in doubt, just default to the illegal area rules.

18 hours ago, Laitka said:

don't quote me on this but I believe cartel's red zones are 1km

I'll quote you, to tell you to not try and answer questions within this topic. THIS POST RIGHT HERE IS HOW WE GET MISINFORMATION SPREAD AROUND. STAHP

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On 1/27/2016 at 5:17 PM, Parker said:

Is metagaming a bannable offense. I know its real scummy to say, have a medic call out for you, or put someones position in side chat, but is it bannable? (Example: you are running meth and someone sees you and types in side "wow so and so are headed to meth lab in a zamak")

   Meta gaming is a bannable offense however your descrption does not match ours. We do not consider side chat information to be metagaming. We are a relaxed role play server.

   Meta gaming could consist of watching a players stream to find their location or using means outside of the game to locate a player. 

  If someone broadcasts your location then you know who to hunt down! See the rules that are linked in the main post for more information. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, wr4thx said:

This issue is up and about with a lot of admins. 

Some say you need to tag up and some say you don't. 

Less for me, but for everyone else's sake, what is the correct answer? Their needs to be an answer in the guides or Gang talk section stating what needs to be correct.

Gnashes will ban for it but killswitch is stating it is ok? I always have tags but most dont. 

I guess it just makes it hard now that the new Tilde key never works anymore and many people start side chat wars over it.

Basically, all Admins recommend that you be tagged up. 

Scenario for the main reason why:

  • Gang A vs. Gang B
  • Gangmate A is untagged and has a random name
  • Gangmate A kills Gangmember B
  • Gangmember B figured he was just RDM'd, so he goes and reports it
  • As Admins, we watch the video, and to us it even looks like RDM -> So we ban Gangmate A
  • Now Gangmate A is pissed and confused why he is banned, blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc.

I think you see where this ends...

While the easiest solution is to make an official rule on it, our CMs feel that its not needed. 

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21 hours ago, Axe said:

Do you have to initiate with someone who is lockpicking YOUR car?

You should especially as a civ because you do not want to mistake repairing or transfusing for lock picking your car. When in doubt, RP it out.

21 hours ago, Carpet Muncher said:

I understand how difficult it would be to catch and deal with this, but i think that new life rule should definitely be more of a thing. If you kill someone, they re spawn and run in and shoot you no words, i feel that should be a nono. Also i think that if gangs are running around together doings banks and what not, they should be required to all have tags, due to the fact that the gang name at a distance is illegible.

Also, i know everyone likes to take it easy some times, but there have been many cases, where warrant officers are sitting chasing this one bounty for literally hours at a time, while other things are going on, sometimes in groups of 4 plus, i think that the apd needs to be more evenly dispersed so that their is more police work being done through out the world rather than in one location by 10 people. Maybe at a certain number, the highest ranking officer sets areas of patrol, 10 cops on, 4 kavala 2 athira 2 pyrgos and the final 2 patrolling and responding to calls outside the cities, and of course the city cops wont just stay in the cities, maybe a marker kinda like illegal area circles, but for cops to see their patrol areas? Maybe i'm just a whiny bi*** idk.

Umm send the APD shiite to the APD channels for feedback. There is nothing wrong with hunting down a warrant for an extended duration of time.

Revenge killing is against the rules so feel free to report that with video evidence. If someone dies and they return to the scene, they MUST re initiate role play.

Gangs needing tags has been suggested a bunch of times but motown/paratus do not want it on the servers. As much as it sucks, there is nothing we can do about it.

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11 hours ago, The Boss said:

I've always wondered, if someone runs up to you, and starts talking shit in direct, is it considered hostile rp?


11 hours ago, Haych said:



This isn't the place to discuss prior bans/incidents. If you have a concern with an improper ruling then please contact a community manager. Otherwise this thread would become a mess! =P

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4 hours ago, Parker said:

Would it be considered RDM if cops pull up on me and start dropping people all around me and they set up in tactical positions to take me down, aiming their guns at me waiting for initiation and I opened fire on them and kill one. I can see how this is RDM but I personally feel that this is hostile. Why would anyone pull up on you and aim guns at you if they wanted to be friends?

It depends but we most likely wouldn't issue a ban on a report that shows the scenario as you described.  This is why we want 5 minutes of video before the incident.  It gives us context and we can make our best call.  

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3 hours ago, pwnforwildy said:

Some houses allow jumping through the windows to get in. Is this considered an exploit or glitch?

This way you could bypass the house locks on a personal house. I feel like this isnt clarified anywhere. Would I be allowed to jump inside/outside of my house if I'm not involved in RP at that point? How about houses that I dont own, or are not owned by any one?

I know the APD does not allow jumping through windows, how about civs?

It is an exploit

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1 hour ago, - RJ - said:

Someone runs in after you unlock your house and kills you, takes all your stuff? Is that allowed and When is it ok to take someone else's stuff?

As long as they RP it is fine to raid their house.

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8 hours ago, - RJ - said:

If they keep spawning back  in the house, can you keep killing them or do you have to initiate every time?

Ehhhhhh you probably should. On their side, i may just kill you and equate it to the same thing as stealing a car. I would prefer RP from both parties! I think raiding someones house is one of the worst things to do because it can truly ruin someones experience. That is why we dont allow civilians to break into houses via in game mechanics and why cop restrictions are very tight.

3 hours ago, Kelly said:

If I block the road with gokarts and someone hits them and dies is that vdm? XD 

This is typically how nice things get removed.

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14 hours ago, Riot INC said:

According to Norwegianviking you can Ram an Ifrit with a hunter because it is "An armored vehicle." Is this true because to me this is still VDM.


11 hours ago, Olivia said:

"Armored Vehicles may be used in an offensive manner against ONLY other armored vehicles. (Strider/Hunter/Ifrit) due to the difficulty in stopping those types of vehicles "  Citation, the server rules  : )

EDIT:  whoops thought this was the APD grey area FAQ thread :x  Feel free to delete my post I'm not attached to it

TY Olivia, but remember...We only want Admins to answer the Questions. :D

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6 hours ago, william said:

At a cartel in my idrit, someone starts shooting me and he is in front of me. Can i VDM him and get out and pop him?

   The VDMing at cartels needs to stop. Fight with your guns, not your armored vehicle. If someone is in your direct path of travel and you cannot avoid them then you'll be fine. If you swerve/turn/float/rocket ship/moon walk in their direction and hit them, you'll be in trouble for VDM.

1 hour ago, Chau said:

Let's say i spawn in X town, and X gang that i'm in a war with are in the town. They start shooting at me, but they miss. Would i be allowed to swiftly hit that respawn button?

Shooting at you means combat, re-spawning during combat is combat logging, combat logging is against the rules.


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On 2/15/2016 at 5:45 PM, Bersabee said:

Many times while playing on Server 5 as a cop, a few people decide to camp on top of gov building and shoot down at the innocent people of Agia. Lets say im online with Bob as a cop and when get sniped at station with initiation (both of us get wiped). When we revive, do they need to re-initiate with us since we got wiped? or can they constantly spawn camp us and kill us from gov without re-initiation?

Also, Plz add a wall protecting us from gov building when buying stuff

Revived? Then you never died = So No RDM
Killed, No Revive. Respawn, no new RP = RDM

On 2/16/2016 at 1:44 PM, Midamaru said:

Can you initate through phone?

For example, i call player X and he picks up.

I'm like Herrooooow... i'm your worst nightmare, HANDS UP GIMME THAT MONEY

He instead runs, you can go pew pew?


On 2/17/2016 at 8:52 PM, Bersabee said:

Lets say I go in Kavala and tell a guy to put his hands up and he follows my orders. Am i allowed to shoot him?

If no, is there a way I can RP kill him even if he follows my orders? I.E. Your a repugnant fool who decides to crawl at the feet of the strong. I will put you out of your misery *1 tap kill*

You can. So pull out that creativity card and find some good reasons, 

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On 2/19/2016 at 0:32 PM, MoralityVII said:

So the other day I spawned in Athira went to the gun store to buy a flare gun a fella appeared who I then shot with said flare gun ( just for a laugh) he then said something and not even a second after saying it he blew my head off with a rook :P did I initiate with my flare gun by shooting at him? :D 

In the heat of the moment. many players could mistaken it for a different gun and just assume that you potatoed. So since you put yourself in that specific situation, I can't blame the guy. 

But if you never did shoot, and he didn't give you a gracious amount of time to comply, then yes he would be receiving a ban. 

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13 hours ago, mr.garvie said:

ok so heres a question about something i am currently banned for.... i thought anything was possible in RP so when i was ziptied and put in the back of the helli they didnt lock there doors. now to my uderstanding it would be pretty easy with your hands behind back "saying in real life" to open the door and jump out. but before i proceeded to do so i clearly stated. "i use my hands to open the helli you left unlocked to jump out!" and then jumped out..... now i thought that was roleplaying cause again in real life that is totally possible!!!!


No different then hopping in/out of vehicles while restrained or switching to driver seat while restrained.

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On 2/24/2016 at 3:41 PM, TwinCities said:

I saw a post that I can't find that said that the RDM rule has change. It stated that if you are in a group and a random Rdm you and your friends shoot him it's no more RDM? Can you clarify or say if this is true or not, cause I'm really confused right now

Can you rephrase the question, because it makes no sense to me. 

7 hours ago, Hakeem said:

Question, Im from gang A and we are at war with gang B. Can I kill a B member if hes playing as a cop/medic (with no rp) ?


7 hours ago, Jarvo said:

If someone in my gang is the governor are they allowed to pardon me?


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1 hour ago, Tyrone hugh said:

can someone just shoot at your vehicle with no rp at all while your driving?

   Sure can, you can shoot out the tires of a vehicle without any dialogue. The thing is, if you kill anyone in the vehicle on accident it would be RDM. Shooting at anything is very dangerous without proper and clear hostile intent. 

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On 1/21/2016 at 8:50 PM, Killswitch said:

1) You could, the evidence we get is all we get to go off of. While it may look like RDM, it may have been a simple mistake. Usually players contact that player and apologize and comp them for lost gear or inventory.

2) If you showed that it was an accident, your ban would be lifted. Tough to penalize a player for an accidental kill (wrong place, wrong time). 

3) This one is such a grey area, but just look at the rules: 

RDM is killing another player without any type of HOSTILE role-play being initiated and reasonable amount of time for the target to react.

Intentions must be clearly stated to the intended target, and they MUST be given reasonable time to react.

While you did give the player Hostile intent that his life was in danger-> He is able to fire upon you
Reasonable amount of time to react -> Well he was able to get out and find cover, so sufficient amount of time is given 
Intentions -> What intentions were said or texted? Appears to be none in this scenario. One could argue and compare it to warning shots given to helicopters, however, you disabled the vehicle.

So in conclusion, you would still need to initiate with your intentions.


2 hours ago, pwnforwildy said:

As a follow-up on this: If your car is getting shot at (without initiating RP), when you step out of the car are you free to shoot back at the person shooting your car? Or can you not 'punish' them for it?


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