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  1. So Paratus wasn't the only one to miss release dates? good to know.
  2. Bamf....The amount of time and dedication you put into this community is astounding. If anyone deserves to retire, its you. Could always count on you when something needed to happen, whether it was when we were in Innovative, as an admin, a CM or even as the owner. Admin-wise, when you joined the team, and then introduced us to splunk, that was a gamechanger that not only helped us do our jobs 100x more efficiently. Having been an Admin pre-Splunk, there is not many who understand how much having that improved our lives and jobs. Thank you for everything you did for this awesome, and "sometimes" ungrateful community. I'm sure you had the urge to just up and leave many times, as most of us have had or done. o7
  3. Selling Unlocks for $100 USD
  4. ^^^ THIS!!!! a long time ago I talked myself down from my bounty (I think it was around 1.2m) to the cost of the fuel used in the hunter to chase me down which ended up being like $75. Lets just say the constables weren't too happy with that captains decision. haha no payday for them.
  5. sar·casm ˈsärˌkazəm/ noun the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
  6. *three...kappa but not really
  7. neck urself kid ok no more being toxic, i'm done
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