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  1. You are right the APD does need a change Lets lower down the age requirement to 14, that was a good idea. Last time you had the opportunity to play cop how much did you last? Thought so https://gyazo.com/1e2cdc834dcabd6b7d898dbde0d3843c And this is the icing on the irony cake
  2. You had no fear in that video Deadly
  3. Who is the mong that says '' this guy is getting fucking blacklisted'' after hitting his table
  4. Imagine being montaged by these deadly warriors at 1:40
  5. The issue is that you were sitting in the channel at 7 in the morning (8 for you) which is too early for EU people to be awake and NA people are leaving for bed.
  6. Is this where we apply for the clash clan?
  7. 10/10 cadet. Was the best thing this morning
  8. Ask for a top up and fill it even more next time. Some of the boys could use a pick up
  9. I have unlimited amounts of black mk1s for sale (Not corruption) 25k per, holla at me
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