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  1. dont make money when the server is full, and dont stay in kavala for a year and a half like i did
  2. i dont want to buy it but i would like to donate 1 dollar to get you an arma 3 trainer you fucking bot
  3. i dont think you were around when bohemia enforced the law when we had to donate for hatch sports
  4. im betting now identity is going to pull a telltale
  5. i am not this individual please dont ban me
  6. bruh i cant +1 this enough im a full supporter of Skiptracer Hunter GMGs. Downing of course
  7. with the atm symbol the map would be bright green
  8. i have at&t and i was getting kicked from koth
  9. bot
  10. fake or not that was fucking hard to watch
  11. bohemia monetization
  12. bohemia
  13. oh shit you right
  14. i made a post similar to this back when you could draw in every chat including side, I think my post is why they limited it to group