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  1. "see you later"
  2. STOP POSTING VIDEOS THAT ARE NOTARMA 3 ON AN ARMA 3 FORUMother than that neat video, just i am not a fan of people spamming videos like this on the forums
  3. nerd
  4. what is transported in these trucks
  5. i had this account for 8 years
  6. My 3 years of being on the server are just coming up so i'd say around 2 1/2 years ago
  7. okay when the fuck did i say vermins were bad money bitch dont put words in my mouth
  8. vpr? i think i was in that, we ran vermins and ghost hotel was still a thing, only 2 reasons sofia was active. heroin at this point is for new players trying to figure out the best ways to make money
  9. #BringBackGhostHotel was a pretty gnarly location imo
  10. i mean... he's not wrong
  11. That's not the attitude a content creator should have towards haters.
  12. i miss my old house