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  1. How about if you bring bounty hunter back make it whitelisted with enforced guidelines but just make it squeaker APD
  2. its like tattooing ur girlfriends name on ur arm then she breaks up with you, afterwards u feel like a retard what do you do when ur gang disbands
  3. dont put gang tags in ur forum name very bad idea
  4. Huan Lee

    V2 feedback

    e x c u s e m e w h a t t h e f u c k i thought the fsa was disbanded for like the 10th time
  5. having admins online at all times would make the admin role seem more of a job than it already is, and even having admins in game is pointless because often when people cry rdm in chat the situation is normally more complicated than just "he rdmed me," thats why proof is needed and an analysis of the situation, I would prefer the moderation being how it is rather than this server turning into Dark RP
  6. Huan Lee

    V2 feedback

    im sorry what happened to sctoch
  7. theres people who know their shit and know how to hack and skids that know how to use google
  8. no please god no please fuck no
  9. Hours(with a screenshot) Age: 15 Previous gangs: a lot Is there anyone that can vouch for you in the gang? If so name them: i dont know How active are you, realistically? not too active now but i will be when v2 comes out
  10. @Crossfade i found my pov https://gyazo.com/edfce8c48a4fed00886032bfd28e8ecd
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