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  1. this is disgusting
  2. go back to reddit
  3. here's an image comparison
  4. i wish this was real but we all know @Bilal Battu blew his entire bank account on parking lot fees outside of coke processing
  5. @Alec-I can you bring back Free Syrian Madrasa as perm cadets, I miss having FSA affiliation
  6. just shank them and #e pushup over their body you dont need soap
  7. Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me?
  8. Chocolate Rain guy Tay Zonday made a contribution
  9. If we gathered everyone on Asylum I guarantee all the members have enough combined botnet power to bring down India
  10. if you dont like pewdiepie you're probably a gay emo closet kid that wears furry suits while watching markiplier fan fictions so heres mark telling you to sub to pewdiepie
  11. go back to making me pick barley for you for free
  12. words