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  1. Good to know.
  2. @Mr. Linux, do you still have one?
  3. You all right, mate?
  4. In case someone has missed the last Dev-Branch.
  5. Am I getting credits for this?
  6. Done. Where's my money now?
  7. A friend of mine just released a new mod for Arma 3. It gives you the ability to fire from quadbikes while on the passenger seat. If anyone wanna check or use it, I'll leave the link below. Steam Workshop link:
  8. You're talking about Arma 3 Units?
  9. "These fucking cops", haha. 10/10
  10. Looks like someone skipped the "figures of speech" classes in high school.
  11. Better than aiming at a damn potato.
  12. Erhhh, not really. It's sometimes the downside of being the one to initiate. But I definitely wasn't expecting a guy to come from behind, lol.