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  1. How can you fire someone who isn't employed in the first place?
  2. Are the new mitigation filters impacting on mission download time or is it just me? It's considerably slower here since it has changed - not that it's a real concern. @Linden @bamf
  3. So the rule to normally enter a cartel is to track a bounty or an APB if the cartel is uncontested - and, well, you can also enter it if you're in pursuit. Why don't we reword it to "you can enter a cartel whenever you're tracking a bounty/APB regardless of it being contested" and remove the actual cartel raid ability? I don't think cartels should be untouchable areas though, so maybe adding other reasons to enter it such as 911 ping, parole violator etc. would bring more of a common ground for both sides. Right? @Clint Beastwood @The Monopoly Man
  4. No. Fucking. Way. I thought about telling you to put that same Dick Romney picture just a few hours ago. Are you fucking mind controlling?
  5. Have you considered asking Santa for a PC upgrade?
  6. I'm curious though. How long exactly do you need to play every 30 days so you can keep your houses? And, well, I'm assuming you don't need to get into civ faction for your activity to get logged, am I right? @bamf
  7. And yes, this is the one I currently own. You have the option to go wireless too with the Arctis 7, but that's just about your preference (and if you wanna spend 50 extra bucks). The audio isolation is good, although it's not as good as their previous version - the Siberia 650. But it's very customizable too, and if your main use is for PC it's a hell of a headset. First gaming headset I own that has a good, loud and clear microphone. Worth the cost/benefit in my opinion.
  8. Especially if you need a decent mic:
  9. Either try restarting your PC like @Sugarfoot mentioned or go to your Task Manager, hit Details and close any Arma3.exe or BattlEye.exe related process.
  10. I don't think BattlEye provides client downloads like they used to. I've taken a look around. Try going to your Arma 3 main folder (for me it's "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3") and deleting your BattlEye folder. Then go to your AppData folder (should be something like "C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arma 3") and delete the BattlEye folder there too. Restart your computer and open Arma 3 again. Hopefully, it will install BattlEye successfully.
  11. Why don't we try this out with one server only (S1 for example), @bamf?
  12. Why don't you sell them at the Asylum Exchange? There's a video guide made by @Mayhem here: