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  1. @Midamaru
  2. As some or many of our community members know, @Midamaru is a long-standing and well-experienced player of Asylum. I can't imagine why you would dislike him. He seems to be the least toxic member of this forum - after massi, of course - and a very peaceful folk! He went from giving away his 1kk Asylum money to strangers on Easter ( to helping people in real life - like me - when they were struggling with whatever it was. Not to mention his good advice on a variety of different subjects. Thanks for being such a nice guy, Mid! Hope you get some good Asylum reward from @bamf, @Olio etc. Happy birthday!
  3. Any specific files? Or did you have to reinstall your system too?
  4. Hey, that option didn't exist on your profile a week ago, did it?
  5. Check my last answer to Extremo's topic. There are a lot of steps you can try there. Hopefully you'll be luckier than us. It's probably an issue with BattlEye though. Try checking if under BattlEye section on your launcher it shows you any errors similar to "Blocked loading of file X". There's also a BattlEye FAQ about this: I also read it was an issue with BattlEye a while ago, so Bohemia/BattlEye had to release a patch to fix it for most people facing it. We thought it was a specific issue happening to Extremo, so we assumed his computer had corrupted or infected files. After your input I start wondering if Bohemia/BE screwed up again.
  6. After trying to assist ExtremoPK through TeamViewer we came to the conclusion some of his system files were probably corrupted, or infected or something related. These are some of the steps we followed: 1. Verified game's integrity 2. Moved Arma 3 to another disk 3. Reset launcher and parameters configs 4. Disabled mods 5. Tried lots of cmd commands found on the internet that were probably related to this error 6. Tried running everything as admin and the opposite too (Steam, game files) 7. Checked files and folder permissions 8. Ran Malwarebytes and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 9. Checked system files with scf /scannow 10. And, most importantly, turning it off and on again Extremo had to format his PC. Hopefully his issue will be fixed when he finishes downloading Arma again.
  7. Você consegue baixar o TeamViewer? Pode ser que eu consiga te ajudar por lá.
  8. Tenho: Hmmmm... interessante. Parece que por algum motivo tem um arquivo do BattlEye sendo bloqueado, e que tá impedindo seu jogo de iniciar corretamente em 32 bits. Você já tentou desabilitar todos os mods antes de iniciar o jogo?
  9. Se você desabilitar o BattlEye no launcher, você consegue iniciar o jogo em 32 bits?
  10. Você usa algum antivírus no seu PC? Se sim, tente desabilitá-lo, feche o launcher do jogo e verifique a integridade dos arquivos pela Steam novamente.
  11. For anyone willing to help, that's his issue: "My game won't launch if I choose 32 bits mode in the launcher. It works on 64 bits though, but my microphone voice doesn't. Does anyone know how to fix it?" @ExtremoPK, experimenta copiar essa mensagem em inglês que eu acabei de te enviar e colar no seu post principal. Assim fica mais fácil de o pessoal te ajudar.
  12. Ok. Tenta seguir aqueles procedimentos que eu te mostrei no post anterior. Se não funcionar, você tentar executar ambos a Steam e o Arma 3 como administrador (mesma coisa, é só clicar com o botão direito > Propriedades > Compatibilidade e marcar a opção Executar este programa como administrador em cada um deles). Beleza?
  13. Só para confirmar, o áudio inteiro do seu jogo não funciona ou você quer dizer que seu microfone não funciona no jogo?