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  1. Agreed. Verge posts and mostly garbage piles don't bother at all.
  2. That isn't a forum problem, mate. Sorry to tell you.
  3. I'm sorry, Steve. I tend to agree to most of the ideas you write here on the forums, but this isn't one of them, and this specific comment of yours shows me a tremendous level of selfishness and lack of empathy, and I seriously doubt we'd achieve any good outcome after acknowledging this fact. I don't mean to be rude, but I'll probably stop replying here, I'm sorry. It's just that, to me, depression and other serious illness discussions usually depend on a minimum amount of empathy and such. I respect your opinion though. And so is true for many other health issues. But we don't give up on people because there's a "natural selection" way of solving things. We - in general terms - fight for them, search for cures/treatments and support people the way we can. There's a lot of brilliant minds that go through unexpected and serious diseases that would be a tremendous loss for the world or for their local communities. Many of them have a lot to give back, way more than worrying about how much it'll cost government to help them.
  4. I don't think the definition of natural selection is the problem here. Your logic of applying natural selection to depression or AIDS is something that isn't done ever since that point in history where science and medicine were able to cure or treat most illness without having to let people die. I bet you and everyone else around here wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't by this fact. And even if your concept of natural selection were true for depression and AIDS, it would also be true for many other diseases, including cancer.
  5. The problem about depression is that it's a disease just like any other. It's a chemical disorder that takes place in the brain and is triggered by social or major events of life. When it gets too strong to the point you aren't able to cope with your mental pain, you see death as the last resort to escape such painful reality. There are many types of treatment and it depends on each individual case. Some might be solved with light therapies and some will actually involve drugs - and even this part is hard, since not every drug works for every patient. Not to mention side effects. As I said, it's a disease like any other. Depression has been called "the century's greatest evil" by many authors. One person suicides every 40 seconds because of depression. It's become a matter of public health, which means government shouldn't choose between cancer or depression, Steve. It should support both.
  6. If this were true in our current society, you wouldn't consider seeing a doctor when you got sick. You'd just wait it out to see what natural selection was keeping for you.
  7. They both killed themselves a bit after they murdered those kids.
  8. Everything is horrifying about it, but what most shocked me was the part where one of the two stabs a bunch of students with a hatchet to either "confirm" they were dead or to injure more people.
  9. BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-47558141 I believe Brazil has faced around 6 other school shootings in 17 years, from what I can remember. However, I still don't have words to describe how awful was the massacre that took place today. You can never get used to this kind of shit, no matter how often they happen, can you? Sad day.
  10. @Mitch (IFRIT), I think it would be useful if you started adding keywords to your titles. I know you probably like using "Asylum Announcement" to get people's attention, but other folks will start getting lost among many similar titles when reading previous announcements: "Asylum Announcement: New Q&A Section" "Asylum Announcement: Server 3" "Asylum Announcement: Database Issues" "Asylum Announcement: Asylum Ownership" Maybe these would be better?
  11. And it would make people - especially new players - do all kinds of legal stuff instead of them sticking to excavating and mining only. Sounds like a good suggestion, Mayhem!
  12. Tu mal fala português, quer o quê? <3
  13. It did more than that. Sure it wasn't just Asylum the only place where I gathered knowledge from, but I'd say around 60% of my English, especially spoken, was thanks to Asylum. I guess our definitions of "good" may be a bit different. I'd rather learn and practice a language by doing something I'm interested in, without spending a penny and practicing with native speakers than learn it some other way.
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