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  1. Oh, look. I was your bounty back then, what an honor!
  2. @Morgan Lacerda @Blade @Jeb Bush
  3. The cops restrained him first, then he was handed to the bounty hunters.
  4. He wasn't downed by the time the cops arrived. If you argue that he had previously been downed and it's fine to take him, you set a precedent for BHs to take every bounty from cops based on a lame excuse.
  5. I think it was someone else saying "hey officer" (TeamSpeak or something). His mic wasn't being captured in the video. I'm assuming he said more than that because of how long he kept pressing his microphone key. I wouldn't know for sure anyway, I'm just speculating.
  6. Here's how I see this: he made contact with the cops before he was downed by the bounty hunter. That'd give them enough grounds to process him. Handing him to the BH was screwed up. The guy didn't even have him in custody nor was he downed by the time the cops arrived.
  7. To make sure you have at least a certain amount of experience, there used to be a playtime requirement. Because of some changes that happened in the past, they now use the number of talents for the same purpose.
  8. I remember when I first had my interview - a long time ago. I complained about the same thing and got the same answer (that all of the answers were in the vid, when they weren't). Truth is that you have to have a certain level of experience. Good news is that you can ask anyone about the questions you missed, or simply those you were unsure about. They'll certainly help you. Feel free to message me if you want.
  9. I wouldn't disagree on that. I was just replying to your comment about terrible-quality headset mics.
  10. The Arctis line has a pretty decent microphone:
  11. So we have to make a copy to our own Google Drive and then mess around with the values, right? Pretty cool, thanks for that!
  12. I can vouch for @nirvanamonkey. If someone runs any risk here, that's him. I've kinda seen how he manages it. Might not be the ultimate way of ensuring people pay him back, but it's something - and it's honestly not that bad.
  13. @bamf @Poseidon S1 has desynced a bunch today, same issues as before the patch. I know this has been approached before, but I think it's always good to ask: are you guys 100% sure it's not hardware/network related? Isn't it possible to test one of the servers under a different setup/company for a few days and see how it goes?
  14. A good man.

  15. This guy can reach an incredible level of cringeness with barely any effort. Is that a talent? Maybe. I just don't know why I can't dislike him.