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  1. Would you be able to share with us exactly what makes you think they don't want Contributors' help? Is it about giving access? Not pushing the changes you guys make?
  2. Yeah, that too. My point is the community argued a lot so we could have more contributors to give us more content. I remember @Mitch (IFRIT) saying he was trying to get something done about this, and he did. But we haven't seen much so far. So now we need to address a few things, I guess: Are contributors getting access to anything at all? Have they been working on anything? If so, what? If not, why? Shouldn't we have maybe a topic to suggest and discuss ideas between community/contributors, if they're able to push some interesting changes?
  3. You know? I've heard many things so far. Some say server access, others say contributors are just busy to put time on Asylum. If I'm not mistaken, they do have access to Github/mission but they do not have server access. Would be good to read some solid information about what's going on. Although I somewhat understand the concerns of giving server access, I also think there are many creative ideas that could be implemented just by having client access. For example, restraining, accessing shops, editing the map, using sirens, adding house lighting etc. don't require server access. So really just having a way to communicate (community/contributors) would be a nice first step (if they're actually able to make any changes, because so far I'm lost. I have no clue what's going on!). Thanks!
  4. @bamf @Gnashes @Bikstok @Mitch (IFRIT) @Destrah @Gen. Henry Arnold
  5. It would be great if there could be any kind of communication between contributors and the community. Right now the only thing I know is @Gen. Henry Arnold has been releasing skins and... that's all. Have the contributors been working on something? If so, has there been any progress? If not, what's the reason they haven't been able to release anything? Lack of time? Tools? Access? I feel like it would be nice to get this kind of information on a regular basis. Maybe even a topic to keep in touch with them, post suggestions? I don't know, I'm just throwing some ideas here.
  6. APD

    I remember this one time a cop pulled my RV truck over. He didn't have probable cause, but he knew I was probably full of drugs (and, yea, I was indeed). He noticed I was wearing a medic uniform, so he wanted to charge me the 2.5k charge for possession of "medic" equipment so we could get probable cause to search my truck, although I had given him a good RP story over why I was wearing it. But he didn't care, he was hungry. 5 minutes later a cheater teleports everyone to Kavala and blows the server up. Perfect timing, he didn't have time to seize or charge me with anything. Server restarted, came back, picked up truck back up and finished delivering my shit.
  7. I just watched that again and I'm almost sure that doesn't sound like Ken, hehe. I use Google Drive (the PC software and all that) to save my vids. It uploads them to my Google Drive account and then I can safely delete them from my PC. They reduce the quality a little bit, but it's still worth it because it doesn't count against your storage used, and you can always access them.
  8. Haha, great! I don't think @Ken. played back then though.
  9. Now he doesn't have any, haha.
  10. LOL!
  11. This: Or the Pro version, if you can afford it: The Arctis line has one of the best gaming mics I've ever seen.
  12. If I'm not mistaken you've asked for gaming headsets recommendations before, right? Which one did you end up picking, by the way?
  13. @Morgan Lacerda @Muffinsniper
  14. Want some spoilers?