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  1. I only bought it 'cause they said on their websites the game would get more expensive after the release of Town Square, and I still had a bit of faith they'd deliver something at least playable. When I checked the price on Steam in my currency, it was twice cheaper than the price I had paid a few days before. Noice.
  2. I like how you edit the text boxes, makes everything funnier.
  3. Is there a reason why we just don't count normal donations toward community goals? Someone who is level 2 and wants to reach level 5 donor will most likely not pay twice, or just won't choose community goals over their personal perks. It's still money toward the server, isn't it? I just can't see a reason at this point.
  4. What? It's like a pet name. And honestly? Whether he's 'big' or not, it's no offense. People are what they are. Fat, skinny, tall, short... these are only adjectives. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Tag big @Gnashes.
  6. He does. His code name is GreenDemon. Please do. I wouldn't expect any different from a guy who combat logs, lol.
  7. Credits go to @Midamaru. go away u english fuck
  8. Single fire. Single fire. Single fire. Single fire. Single fire. SINGLE FIRE. BRO!!!!!!!
  9. So how's server stability after this patch? I haven't had time to play recently.
  10. It's was an emergency, where else did you expect the poor lad to park at?
  11. It's just that there was so little mentioned about it that I decided to ask if it was really related to server performance. I'm guessing it is then, and hopefully things will work out better now ;p
  12. Has anything related to server performance been changed/tweaked with this update? @Poseidon @bamf @Mitch (IFRIT)
  13. If he initiated properly with you, yes, he can shoot you. If you get downed and your heli crashes, he's required to give you a pardon, as he did. If he disables your engine or damages your heli and you crash, it's considered to be your fault for not knowing how to land a damaged helicopter. He's not required to give you comp.
  14. @BlackShot Vai ter Banco hoje?

    1. BlackShot


      Acho que hoje não vai dar. :(