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  1. When 8.0 arrived, I remember reading a note on the main post stating that "RV trunks should be slightly larger than a normal box truck". But it seems like both are at 402, at least in-game when I last checked. @bamf
  2. Thanks to @KrazyKnight and his $100 donation, and all the other kind people who contributed, we've hit $542! I'm sure all the contributions will bring John some relief and some great help! Milestones post updated. Again, thanks everyone!!
  3. @bamf, are we still going to get that new anti combat logging system?
  4. I like it. Can you reduce the brightness on this van though? Your first van looks better as to this aspect.
  5. I don't. I bought it as soon as it got released, but then I stopped playing. I'd also gotten some crates and skins that were useless at that time. Months or one year later I made about 40 dollars selling those skins and crates. Was worth buying it!
  6. I guess @bamf was about to implement a system to mitigate combat loggers. I'll ask on the change log topic.
  7. Yes. We've got internet too. But since we live in trees, we gotta make our own adaptions. @Morgan Lacerda for example uses his vineyard as a wi-fi transmitter. Please forgive him for having 2000 ping sometimes. Vines are lazy, but evolution will eventually put them in the right path.
  8. You guys are helping me a lot with future essays. Thanks!
  9. Pretty much.
  10. Well, I can tell you from all the forums I once visited, having a specific tech sub-forum is actually very important. It makes finding important content such as fixing game errors, launching, tweaking performance, much easier. And, on the contrary, it actually removes clutter, since people - when don't find information at hand - tend to make another post instead of just using the search tool.
  11. Sorry, I didn't mean an area. I meant a sub-forum, just like the Suggestions and Feedback one.
  12. I've always felt like we needed an area on the forums specifically for tech questions. Of course you can always go to "Off-Topic" and make a post there, but I feel like having a specific area for tech questions or tech tips would be easier both for who answers and for who asks. It'd be easier to find relevant information too, and pinning important topics such as performance tweaks or error solving would be crucial. Who should I tag here? @Olio @HapHazard @bamf @Gnashes Edit: By "area" I actually mean "sub-forum". Forgive me.
  13. It's been there for a while now. I remember seeing it at the beginning of the year I believe. No clue why it's there.
  14. Reminded me of a Brazilian guy who became a meme here. Their parents even sued Google and made them remove all vids associated to the kid. Of course this is the internet so it's back again, lol: Sorry for the shitty subtitles, but the best I could find.
  15. Who's been letting those damn Brazilians in? Is it you, @Morgan Lacerda?