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  1. I hope this makes you feel a bit better:
  2. Didn't he die at the same age as Einstein (76) and on the same day he (Einstein again) was born? Damn! Rest in peace, Hawking.
  3. This thing is so worth it that it should be necroposted at least once a month.
  4. The timing of that TV background sound is great.
  5. Looks like the fan club is very diverse.
  6. @Mitch (IFRIT), what's wrong with my 25 likes? I've only given 9 the last 24 hours but it keeps saying I've reached my limit. Look at my feed below. :FeelsBadMan:

    1. Mitch (IFRIT)

      Mitch (IFRIT)

      I'm away right now. I'll take a look when I am back home. 

    2. BlackShot


      Since I can't like your post, this is for you.


  7. Great job! Will it also work for people who combat log in cop restraints or is it restricted to bounty hunters for now?
  8. I gotta agree with Azeh. I've been bothering and messaging Mitch for a few days now - and I mean it in a good way - and we were actually able to have a talk and find some middle ground. I'm still thinking some ideas over and he sounded pretty open to discussing whatever comes up and making them happen if possible. I'm far from pointing fingers here, but I didn't have the same success before Mitch. Not even the same amount of interest I think.
  9. @Maxime
  10. THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING. If it is, I must say I'm sad.
  11. I see. But most people who hide or soft log don't even bother disabling the power, so we really can't do anything to stop it besides waiting or leaving. So a feature to stop it (maybe by interacting with the laptop on the second floor) would be unviable?
  12. I think it's indeed put back into lockdown, but it takes way too long to get to it, especially if someone started the prison and glitched into an unreachable place or soft logged right after. This means cops will either have to stick around until this very long timer is reached or they will have to leave it while it's still in progress, giving other people the chance to do a prison break without having cops to bust them. Having an option to disable it manually could be very handy as far as I can think.
  13. Speaking of prison, do you think it's possible for the APD to get an option to disable the prison break after X minutes have passed or something related? There are numerous times where we respond to it and, even after looking into every place around, we can't find anyone. Seems like some people either hide too well or soft log in the middle of it, making it glitch and become deactivated only after a very long time. Maybe a feature like disabling the bank drill? Would it be viable? @bamf @Gnashes