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  1. I believe the official times are now 55 minutes for the first two, then 80 for the other four. Not exactly “supersize”, but whatever.
  2. Bandit


    If you’re referring to the fight we had yesterday night, we weren’t “patrolling”. We had been chasing an ifrit for about 20 minutes and started taking shots from there, so we dropped off two guys to take care of it. You and your friend just decided it was a good idea to open fire on us with rooks. The amount of cops that actually go and check Athira regularly is so minuscule that any specific policy update or new rule would just be pointless (as we saw last month).
  3. Damn you really are dense
  4. Why not implement a system where whenever you use the sign you teleport outside, but are downed for ~15 seconds. It would be a bit inconvenient, but people using it wouldn’t have an advantage.
  5. Bandit

    Wizard 101

    one too tree for gf
  6. I'll do you one better. Be able to send people to jail at the hospital. Best of both worlds
  7. No, it was more of a joke that if you want to join the APD you can’t have a life. I’m assuming you applied in the past couple days, and you sat in TS for about an hour before leaving and making this post. You have to understand that it’s the middle of the week, most people have jobs, and they probably don’t want to spend an hour of their limited free time doing an interview. You’ll have much more luck on the weekend.
  8. It’s almost a right of passage to sit in the whitelist room for 8+ hours, separates the strong from those that have actual lives
  9. Bandit

    Au revoir

    What's your streamer house called?
  10. That was my favorite part of Minecraft
  11. even worse than draft, it's blind pick
  12. Bandit


  13. I'm not sure if you posted this video to make fun of the APD or your aim... either way, I had a laugh.
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