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  1. Jamal officially abandoned his own thread and apparently our forums FSA friendships were destroyed We found out how Reapered got into Envy Billy made Envy un-retire from the forums to attack him personally All in all a great thread.
  2. No.
  3. That's a man I'd hate to fight.
  4. Tyrese : "Can I get my SGT feedback?" Clint : "No, you're a troll" Tyrese : "What do you MEEEEEEEAN?" THIS FUCKING POST.
  5. Was agreeing with you until this.
  6. k
  7. I feel bad for the Janitor.
  8. Hope everything works out for you. Best of luck!
  9. Was at a party all night the night before, came home around 3am, dead asleep and my roomate comes in and starts saying "We're under attack". Horrible way to wake up - horror on the news and severely hungover. Felt like that hang over lasted for a week just because of how sorrowful everything was. Just horrible... Also- half of my friends were deployed within a few weeks. Still remember saying goodbye to them not knowing if it will be the last time I would see them. Thankfully they all came home. I know a lot of other people weren't so lucky.
  10. Yas. Finally.
  11. No. Who? Who? And No. How did this even come up? Lol. Oh right, the whole, my friend didn't cheat he'll bring back gang life conversation. We tested that before. Didn't help. They (two permed people) came back and then actually cheated and got caught. Besides why is gang life important right now? I think importance should be placed on stability. But that is just me.
  12. No, I'm the chief.
  13. I take it you're agreeing with my initial statement
  14. Another chance you say? Hold my beer.
  15. I could always unban a lag switchers. Would exacerbate the cycle two fold. I'll wait while you google exacerbate.