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  1. Whoa whoa whoa. He shit on my car!
  2. Holy fuck, we need to hang out.
  3. It's insane how closely @The Monopoly Man's avatar resembles him outside the game. Uncanny.
  4. Enough with the back and forth. I'm sure there is more than enough lessons learned here. - Don't give out passwords - Don't trust people you "know" online - Have Two-Factor Authentication on everything
  5. Asylum Community, I present to you our new Captain of the Asylum Police Department, Captain Clockwerk. @Clockwerk Please congratulate and welcome with open arms to the position.
  6. Has been for quite a while now. Ceiling use to be 150k now its 175k.
  7. The pilot helmets or any helmets you aren't supposed to have. Specifically, the ones that are given with the advanced flight model pilot coveralls.
  8. FYI - Give due props to your CM @Mitch (IFRIT) for staying persistent to getting this done and the Dev team @Gnashes @bamf and contributors for making this happen. @Azeh part of my cryptic message. Onward and upward fellas.
  9. Please lol.
  10. Stipulations are in place to stop this from being a problem. Wipe the cops - they cant come back. EVEN IF BACKUP IS ENROUTE. Back up must reach the 300m from cap (not center of cap, surrounding cap) before re-engaging. If you don't want to push or spend the time to find the ONE cop hiding in a bush it's on you. Only 1 raid PER Sergeant/Lieutenant per reboot. If that is being abused they are subject to HEAVY reprimand, demotion is the first course of action, depending on the severity it can even lead to removal. ALL IN ALL- if you're contesting a cartel and you find yourself overwhelmed with cops and can't handle it, dont come to the forums to complain about a rule where you actually get a fight, leave the cartel. Scared money doesn't make money.
  11. Why does he constantly hit on Dark Knight....
  12. we have bags now.. We got you.
  13. Not how.... WHY? jesus.
  14. Just be thankful you still have an orca. LOL.