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  1. Well the Chinese Investment firm that approached @bamf and decided it was the best for the board committee. Well- our new Chinese owners thought it was a great idea to make the map more aligned to their native language. You'll get use to it soon.
  3. Action taken.
  4. 24 bullets, to kill someone holstered.
  5. I was quoting a comment and lead to this? Jesus. Yeah, locked.
  6. Nothing
  7. Someone once told me that.... I wonder where he is now...
  8. LOL. "not there bitch, youll never find me"
  9. Action taken, the crate never initiated with you.
  10. I care about everyone. #clintreallycares
  11. Contrary to popular belief, Gnashes doesn't give a shit about you.
  12. At the start ..... "oh loook another spray-tage" Then I saw the nice precision shots. Won me back into watching. Nice job.