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  1. I'll take the blame for this. We arent releasing V2 because I'm going to Vegas tomorrow. So its not the developers, its my own selfish need to be there when it launches. Thanks for understanding.
  2. The community manager is my choice. Not yours lmao.
  3. The idea that was being toyed around was removing from rebel to purchase, but, kept in air drops and APD Vault Raid.
  4. No. He wouldn't get permed. Hopefully when I get back on Monday. @Smee and I can talk. I would love to talk to Aleec, but, he doesn't like to talk to me. He goes around me.
  5. No. That's the truth. That and no fucking around on our ts.
  6. Only Aleec is permed. He broke his agreement that was originally included when he was unbanned.
  7. Back to negative rep with you @eazy:(
  8. The unfortunate truth is its locked to DLC owners only. This knocks out about 90% of new players that only own vanilla Arma. The last time we did this with Tanoa, it had staying power for about maybe 2 months, after that it was just the AFK money maker.
  9. Well I didnt stop the poll, I'm just pointing out the obvious.
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