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  1. SMH Blacklisted @Glass of Water mentioning me about being a dictator.
  2. please...... P-P-PLEASE STAND RIGHT HERE
  3. Whoa, where was the grammar?*
  4. We don't encourage Metagaming. This reaches a server rule. If hes doing it on a private TS, we have zero proof of anyone breaking the rules. Its even possible an ex gang member gave the footage. We know factual evidence with this. I suggest you not press this issue.
  5. Refer to the following document seen here.
  6. Pretty much this.
  7. In your best interest not to mention me.
  8. PRO TIP: IF you want comp for a loss that happened by another player, MAKE SURE you have a player report first before asking for comp. Also, some of you need to stop using the same screenshots for compensation. You know who you are.
  9. Player reports are first priority over compensation reports, so do not be surprised if you compensation report takes longer than your average RDM report. Also- you can blame people that abuse the comp system as well. People asking comp for $5k-15k is just ridiculous.
  10. you share your love equally for King Identities.
  11. He was outside, didnt you watch the video? owait you mean real-life.....
  12. 3 years of love down the drain. So sad