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  1. Drugs are bad mmmmkay. No seriously - these soundcloud rappers are fucking morons when it comes to drugs. You can enjoy shit in moderation...
  2. uh... wat.
  3. Probably has the most obvious, tbh...
  4. Community debated it. Its not my personal opinion. I'm keeping my opinion close on that one. Contrary to your belief - I don't really give a shit what you think of me.
  5. Theres plenty. Trust me.
  6. Tiger's is debatable. Not WRONG, but debatable.
  7. Tiger for pulldowns. Mclovin for using a cheat Schiang for having used a memhack previously. 2 of those are hard evidence. One which is debatable. What are you on about?
  8. He's more American than half the people I know.
  9. I have the same reaction when non US nationals debate our politics.
  10. FBI and CIA dont really see this the same way... But gotcha.