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  1. If its too good to be true. It probably is - Bamf circa 2016
  2. Hey I was in this!
  3. Something like this is currently in development. Thank you for the suggestion.
  4. I think Almighty King Matt was the first person to be banned because of this very situation. VDM WITH A PARACHUTE. What a time to be alive.
  5. Maybe this is already in the next patch?
  6. Holy necro TL;DR me and @BaDaBiNg_10-8 bought this shit. Now here's a bird smoking weed
  7. RIP Vincent the medic 2019-2019
  8. Ya nice work solider. The fuck is a solider?
  9. I'm changing your name and likes back you shit bag
  10. I saw Zaxal, but didnt see you. Come and play !
  11. Hi friend.
  12. I changed some things today on the website... minor stuff. But yes we plan on having more "videos" and a better look. Ticketing system will be added with the change to my.asylum in the near future.
  13. 1 Month Anniversary Patch notes.......owait.