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  1. Doesnt matter now, Rahim.
  2. I thank you for being concerned about Altis Police Department. I can assure you, at this point in time, there is no lack of "power" and no one person is solely responsible for the paradigm shift you believe there is. While we can all sit here and name a handful of good officers that deserve the role, we cannot leave this choice to a popular vote. That has led to plenty of issues in the past. I think I can speak for all of the Captains and assure you we will observe and review our options of those eligible for the rank. Regards The Captains
  3. Whoa there. Not true.
  4. We make mistakes with retards all the time. I mean look at this one Oh wait.. awkward.
  5. I figured a 3 year blacklist was long enough for this guy.. Welcome back.
  6. You can't say Hooos (house) like Carson though...
  7. yeah- bet that whole 5k+ hours of pure rebel doesnt amount to anything. But you were in Kavala, nvm.
  8. I had no idea Jesse was my friend on steam until just recently.....
  9. I'll tell you how to rebel.
  10. Soft as baby thighs in here....
  11. GL house
  12. Its a change - oh well. It can be removed. Lets play it out and see what happens.