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  1. No, that commitment will be fulfilled eventually.
  2. Good Evening Friends, First off I want to thank the community for your support. Because of your support we continue to try to bring you guys new content and new changes that hopefully spark the fun that Asylum was founded on. Because of your continued support, our developers are working very hard to produce you the new version we are all looking forward to. We are on the home stretch and I thank you for your patience. Next order of business is a change that none of us saw coming, but, one for the better. My business partner and long-time friend @BaDaBiNg_10-8 has taken a new opportunity at his work. Because of this position Bada, unfortunately, will no longer have time for Asylum. As an Administrator, player and an owner he has spent the better part of six years with this community. Thank you for your diligence, hard work and most of all your friendship to us. On a more business related note, our Developer @Jesse, will be taking over ownership of Asylum along side me (after a few more items are hashed out of course). Jesse has spent the last 6 months revitalizing and securing a future for Asylum. Jesse will continue with design and development of our servers and the new and exciting future of Asylum V2. Stay tuned for future updates!
  3. Salary? This isnt a job. None of us get paid. I own the damn thing and I dont get paid.
  4. A lot of these changes were to help balance risk/reward. They are all subject to us monitoring, analyzing and listening to community feedback for adjustments in the future.
  5. Donor 7's will get beta access.
  6. Now that is a funny fucking rumor.
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