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  1. I'm just a button pusher, as stated. I don't know what your beef is with me anyway... I never did anything of ill will to you.
  2. This is true. You guys dont even see 90% of his posts because I dont approve them. Holy fuck, the dumb hurts me so bad.
  3. I would like to vote for @Scott
  4. You don't know me. Don't judge me.
  5. No. LOL
  6. It didn't help his choice in the matter. Not asking for people to be nice, but when people attack you in real-life over a video game........ it is time to re-evaluate your choices.
  7. Not you being bitter obviously, him. Lets not forget there wouldnt even be an Asylum post 2015 without him. Everyone here in these posts aren't very privy to that information. TL;DR someone wiped Asylum and Gnashes (and Bamf obviously) was instrumental in recreating the servers from old logs.
  8. Never said that. I would be bitter too if everything I did was met with complete hostility.
  9. Eh- it gets kind of old when the server you've spent hours trying to fix and learn how to contribute more to continually harasses you both ingame and out. Thanks community
  10. Here's your book
  11. Also, would be the 3rd coming. He's been permed before. Get it together @Pwnsome
  12. Why tag me in this? He doesn't even want to come back. LOL.
  13. Get tapped. LOL.