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  1. u cunt i modeled for you
  2. i think he was trying to say the way they are
  3. go be an enforcer in reliance ... oh wait
  4. copies my song
  5. I'm a simple guy. I see mason post a video i watch it.
  6. server?
  7. ill buy athira 150k for 500k plus a sui vest u down?
  8. good kills but the song made me want to hang myself
  9. again youre wrong i really want to kno who this is as i was banned for like one day for saying pussy ni**as you really just trying too hard to flame me at this point
  10. again no 1 knows who u r tell us ur name u stupid liberal snowflake
  12. accreat
  13. i want u to love me
  14. but everybody has bad days tho
  15. everybody has a bad day