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  1. james ford
  2. youre a sound cloud rapper with 4 followers talk about quiting eh?
  3. @Sugarfoot @Bilal Battu @LaGrange @Wang Liqin @Azeh
  4. ive been @ olympus and they got 6 fights done in 3 hours we got 3 fights done in 8 hours
  6. hey fat head be humble
  7. did they ban or did they just take it back?
  8. how u gonna be active when u get kicked from ur gang
  9. who?
  10. imma keep doing it thx
  11. i got ran over twice the second time i was rolling over then you broke my legs and restrained me but w/e id rather a 3 day ban then give you nerds the collar
  12. you kneepadded to get an online rank on a videogame are we talking about childish damn
  13. if i was salty i wouldnt of combat logged i would used my words to flame i just got my legs broken by a hunter that ran me over twice so i logged no ragrets
  14. i only lost one ifrit those guys you were busting in the begining were in no way affiliated with us