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  1. no balls @Glass of Water
  3. go away cynthia
  4. and school just started wait till winter sale/break itll be poppin
  5. this has taken a turn for the worse and now i think xehons has a competitor for most retarded
  6. i posted twice you quoted only one but idgaf
  7. i edited the grammar not the question
  8. why you avoiding my question? and i didnt shoot for a reason i wanted to see what hed do.
  9. im not gonna respond to you anymore i think i lost brain cells in our exchange to be honest and so youre saying youve never reported an rdm/combat log/vdm because youre rich..? Sounds good fam, u know its never the money its the principle of the fact that there are rules and some people dont follow them
  10. money isnt an issue bub its the fact that he breaks a rule putting himself at an advantage (logging in behind someone) then shoots said person
  11. hes at an acitve firefight and we took tower his gang mate most likely told him this then he sits in lobby waiting for us to forget hes logging in then logs in and shoots lmao
  12. he sat in lobby for 2 minutes waiting for us to forget then logged back in (dunno if youre just trolling or dumb i posted a 4:23 second video unedited of the whole thing i even put captions for the visually/mentally impaired) i.e. @Rake
  13. we have no obligation especially when we are at the bottom of the fucking tower when he gets kicked to leave or stop. he knew we were in the tower an chose to log back in and shoot no one forced him to make a dumb decision
  14. yeah cuz any gang that wipes another gang is going to leave the entire cartel so you can log back when your gang already lost... Do brain cells even grow in that thick skull lmao
  15. look at my video did not shoot a single bullet lmao and according to @BaDaBiNg_10-8 the proper procedure if you get kicked in this situation is to (and trust me he banned me for the same shit when i was new) 1. put your hands up and ask to leave 2.jump off the tower and die 3.dont log back in yet you call me a retard lmao