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  1. my ssd is so empty since uninstalling arma
  2. excuse me bih i thot i was ur bestie
  3. seems like a fun gang how do i apply
  4. S4 montage yet you open with a s5 clip hellur
  5. love me
  6. @Lorax youre mighty
  7. my reports worked lmao!
  8. had a good laugh ngl
  9. god i hate being mod qued this shit is the reason
  10. idk y this isnt being passed by mod que yall trippin
  11. i was pretty quiet tbh i just got some silent revenge
  12. Your brain works so slow like turtles climbing uphill on slippery glass
  13. The sound of your voice Is like chalk scraping the board You should be silent
  14. fathead
  15. Pretty sure that was you like 6 months ago also clearly no good gangs are fighting anymore