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  1. you aint dead yet?
  2. stay dabbin fella stay dabbin
  3. we need gnashes to put more spikes at fed we didnt get enough last time
  4. y is this shit featured no one gives a fuck tbh and mitch if drunk squad cared about skill there would be no drunk squad
  5. Guy breaks more shit than he fixes this isnt to talk shit its just to get a sense of what everyones thinking
  6. relax only thing envy would get on siege is banned for toxic
  7. u mean come watch gatorade get bullied
  8. finally you can see what fingers feel like
  9. I think the question on everyones mind is
  10. dont be a thalia
  11. fuckin beat me to it
  12. when u gonna apply for admin since ur the only person who still cares / puts in teh work my guy @bamf
  13. "not toxic"
  14. @bamf @Gnashes
  15. ill stop dw