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  1. it was at the top u monkey
  2. IS THAT @Ewephoric NO FUCKING WAY
  3. any games you dont cheat at?
  4. ez look at the requirments
  5. Tag : c | Requirements. Must have knowledge of Cartels 17 or older (Some Exceptions) Must Be Financially Stable (one orca/ifrit at all times and able to support @Crunchedd financially) Defib First Frag Second Mentality Can maintain Tac Comms 1k+ hours Is a must Application Format: In-Game Name: Age: Timezone (NA/EU): Arma 3 Hours (screenshot): Bank Balance (screenshot): Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak: Current and Past Gangs: What do you have to offer? (Applications can be messaged to Leader @Crunchedd @PeytonCx Our goal is to make everyone have a bad time
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