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  1. hate to be a grammar nazi but i believe its martial
  2. pretty sure its called application TEMPLATE for a reason
  3. was, and hunters as well
  4. Cops decided to use a new means of transportation https://gyazo.com/78168f4a4303b1c6bdde0a6901200928
  5. can we make it so the harder achievements such as oppressor and invisible come with monetary Bonus?same with the BH achievement as well.
  6. rlx lmao you only shot a guy who wasn't even looking at you. jeez
  7. maybe your racist asses deserve no place here!!!
  8. played medic more than you son and medics are quite broken rn also try to revive a guy whose head has turned into a canoe by a 7.62
  9. pretty sure this @Mayhem guy has it all covered without all the commercial stuff gj tho
  10. Good Lub


    n1, welcome
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