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  1. Just lie in your application.
  2. They both have 30 rounds and would be the same price considering how the TRG is actually same i think with the MX.But when you can buy a 6.5 in the same price it is really better.All depend on your play style though.
  3. Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma is pretty good
  4. had sorry
  5. we ain't Olympus but do what @Smee said.Not worth it though as it is a constant risk of danger to be seized by the police.And the MXs are way better than the SPARs.If anything,the MXM for bounty hunters.
  6. something is very wrong here.
  8. Who the hell is Poko
  9. Skins and Skins.The community only cares about it.Instead of seeing how low population servers 2,3 and 4 are you all want skins.Then you blame the developers for not adding new stuff.They actually do listen(not as much as @Jesse on Olympus does)but when they see all skins and skins its getting stale.With that said you guys got to think for appealing futures not just the same old skins with fancy stuff.Other servers have other and good ideas.Learn from them.People don't care if we are better or worse than Olympus or any other servers and if they see some cool stuff they will be a raise to the player base.Uniqueness isn't always better.Observe and Learn!
  10. Most bounties i see now are kavala rook bangers who always combat log or RDM you.Only big bounties are members of large gangs and i don't dare put up a fight with 6 people.While i have done what you said with ambushes its rare to see players that will submit to your victory.I can't even get my 3rd talent for fair share because i get like 3k bounties.
  11. Short Answer:No Long Answer:Bounty hunters are extremely under powered as of today.While we Do get 6.5 we still don't have many options as rebel has.We get hunters which are so slow and worse compared to the ifrits.MX fires 30 rounds of pretty good damage but compared to the impact and penetration a 7.62 has its way low.Vests are a way of defending our selves against a rook because of the 80% of RDM happens to Bounty hunters.Also most of the time when i am hunting i let my gang members injure the bounties so i have a chance of downing them.The talents tree's are there to make a our life as a Bounty Hunter 10% easier.We do get better lock pick success chance and speed as well as a percent of a money by group arrests but that doesn't make us strong.Finally the only Bounty hunters that are capable of taking down big bounties are simply well equipped and informed about their bounties location.A naked fuck with a PO7 will never ever beat a full armed man in 1v1 combat. Just my view!
  12. Welcome to ASYLUM!
  13. Get out of my Thread you bounty thief
  14. the other end is having 5 bounties xD
  15. Thanks Mayhem.Players like you should consist the community