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  1. The laugh at the end was definitely worth it
  2. So right now we have the feature that BHs can enter locked cars that they own,i think that it will be a good idea to exit locked cars of their own as well.I don't really see a downside to this.
  3. A blot in Alec's ALMOST perfect record.
  4. Any ETA on this Gnashes?
  5. So im thinking of doing some montages and was at a dilemma in what programs to cut and join videos to use.I tryed Bandicut but it gives the logo. Any FREE and EASY to use software out there?Or do i have to buy.
  6. Why is the cop like a damn scarecrow
  7. isn't it by 50?
  8. Nice frags
  9. Thanks!Can you also tell me if its profitable(money and time wise)to run MKs?
  10. So i wanted to do a vermin crafting run in a box truck can someone tell me the x and y quantities of each materials required?
  11. 100m less than courthouse?Prolly nothing
  12. you cut it at the best part.We wanted to see the VDM but we saw you potato...
  13. Yeah the thing is that bounties combat log as soon as they are downed/restrained/their friends down. 5% of my bounties combat log at courthouse.
  14. If you are about to send someone to jail in a courthouse/jail facility then you are ELIGIBLE for compensation. It sucks tbh as 60% of the bounties always combat log when caught.