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  1. Uncle Bob

    Remove APD Weapons

    when that post doesn't get liked:
  2. Uncle Bob

    Change Log 8.3.1

    wouldn't hurt tho to have them
  3. Uncle Bob

    Change Log 8.3.1

    P90s for BH? Nope Type 115 for BH?Nope gj tho ngl
  4. Uncle Bob

    Chess Tournament 2/9/19 8PM EST 1Mil in Prizes

    for 10 buckos its far better to buy asylum cash than the game
  5. Uncle Bob

    Been Fun

  6. Uncle Bob

    Introducing Barns

    gta-rpuk? nice idea tho ngl
  7. Uncle Bob


  8. Right, so i was thinking that being in a gang can allow you to create a production company from the gang Menu.You name your company and set its products such as weed,oil,iron etc.Then you get access to company perks that offer advantages such as 2x gathering speed of product or sell increases which are gained by selling/picking up said item.That's where the idea of the stock exchange comes in.A rich guy might fund your operation e.g an iron company and if you manage to make X money in Y time the rich guy gets all the money he funded plus a portion of the total amount.However if the company does not make it then the rich guy loses the money he invested and the company has loans which must be paid or else the company disbands and every member gets Financial Fraud crime of 50k. However the funds given should be over 3 million as to make it risky but rewarding.Also the 2 talents for house maintenance can be replaced by "10% of total amount received and 15% of total amount received for the funders. Btw idk shit about economics,just what i found on the internet. What do you think?
  9. Uncle Bob

    Arma Physics + Ron's Driving = This

    car flip boss
  10. Uncle Bob

    Video contest submission - Alec-I

    where are the BH footages tho? gj
  11. Uncle Bob

    Salt Buff

    lmao nice 1 What Fred as well
  12. Uncle Bob

    Skip Tracer

    IMO bounty hunters should get a downing MK14. not a bad idea tbf.
  13. Uncle Bob

    Skip Tracer

    if a beginner has a 10k bounty 99% certain he is an RDMer and should serve his time.
  14. Uncle Bob

    Skip Tracer

    Rebels robbing new players who just want to make 5k is just as unpleasant though.
  15. Uncle Bob

    Skip Tracer

    why all the hate towards BHs?Downing script is fixed and if you lose by a 6.5 then you are dumb.