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  1. I don’t think I’ll be able to montage a Kavala rat man, putting this kid in one of my videos would be embarrassing
  2. bunni’s Alternate ego strikes again
  3. Good job afk capping all those cartels you fucking mongol.
  4. Why have more support team members when the servers are slowly dying off? It just doesn’t make sense.
  5. Bot
  6. The only winner of the World Cup so far is Maradona. Cocaine is one hell of a drug.
  7. hola
  8. Shut the fuck up kid, @Steve is actually a great member of this community and you are some fucking rat insulting him. Go eat shit you fat fuck.
  9. you fell out of your chair because you're fat as fuck.
  10. What is the difference between a 1080 and 1080TI? Is it worth the extra $300 to get the TI?
  11. @Crunchedd @thero @skrood` with the 1070 do you think that i will be able to run PUBG and Arma on normal graphics above 60fps?
  12. So i have finally decided to make an upgrade and buy a new computer. I really need a laptop due to how much i travel for work. I have two different computers from two different websites and i need help deciding on which one is better for the price. I have copy pasted both of the links if you guys could help me out it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. @Manolo shut the fuck up.
  14. I’m still waiting for the ultimate grotty gang with @Alec-I and @Goyneyyy