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  1. Why do you say shit like this? You literally only count as 3/5 of a person.
  2. @Stratego this kid is an actual beast I would recommend
  3. how is this guy cheating? doesnt make sense.
  4. stfu you autistic monkey
  5. Go fuck yourself, horrible idea.
  6. This would actually have a great impact on the server.
  7. It’s because he is black, we all know they can’t hold jobs.
  8. Join Daddy's Darlings today!!!!
  9. Fixed it for you, fighting doesn’t mean you have experience with a true cartel fight, I didn’t see any competition in the last gang wars.
  10. Big Dick Winchester, nice ring to it.
  11. No idea what that means, I guarantee I’m better looking than your short fat ginger ass
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