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  1. how is this guy cheating? doesnt make sense.
  2. stfu you autistic monkey
  3. Go fuck yourself, horrible idea.
  4. You da man!
  5. This would actually have a great impact on the server.
  6. I wish I could downvote this post
  7. It’s because he is black, we all know they can’t hold jobs.
  8. Fixed it for you, fighting doesn’t mean you have experience with a true cartel fight, I didn’t see any competition in the last gang wars.
  9. Big Dick Winchester, nice ring to it.
  10. No idea what that means, I guarantee I’m better looking than your short fat ginger ass
  11. Lmao I’m glad you know a couple of my first gangs, had no idea who you were till you became admin lmao, get outta here baboon
  12. 2-0 by Requiem, never forget you dirty ape
  13. I don’t think I’ll be able to montage a Kavala rat man, putting this kid in one of my videos would be embarrassing
  14. bunni’s Alternate ego strikes again