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  1. im 100% certain that Liam Neeson would *find him, and kill him* xD
  2. pretty old, but never shared it. just found it again and thought it was funny af, maybe someone could get a laugh out of it
  3. 07 bada BTW much better owner than paratus was xD
  4. i mean... not so mad about him. but everyone elses was shit
  5. tbh i thought most of death scenes were shitty...
  6. tbh i wanted to see more dragon action :/ although the fight with dragons fighting the white walker dragon was pretty lit. other than that it wasn't that bad could of been better and FYI @Batcan
  7. Bada make William shave his head for LT but don't actually give him it... Ultimate troll
  8. yeah cadets need those... add those... Save cadets lives for once instead of meat shielding them all the time!
  9. tell me... how many keys were you given to say that? jks
  10. so what your saying is to donate to the community goals and get keys two birds one donation
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