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  1. Crossfade

    Community Goals

  2. Crossfade

    WTB S3 DP 14 Garage

    ill sell you mine for a small price of 8million, at that point i wouldnt need to run meth anymore
  3. Crossfade

    Bounty Hunter Wanted List

    +1 That would actually be cool, like make it that the bounties of friends are a different colour.
  4. Crossfade

    richest gangs

    yup 100% that gang is the richest
  5. Crossfade

    richest gangs

    wade wilson has like 70m + he is in a gang with slade and a few others they would 100% be the richest gang
  6. Crossfade

    WTB S3 meth houses

    1.2m for a 3 crater
  7. Crossfade

    F%#K OFF

    Take Note... Step out of the car, Step out of the car doesn't say or die. still shoots good thing hes potato Very very close to a VDM report
  8. Crossfade

    Swade’s Mega Crafting Spreadsheet

    okay this is actually huge.. Gj
  9. Crossfade

    Rarer Than Bigfoot himself!

    nah i have em buddied so i know when they join so i can quit doing stupid shit
  10. Crossfade

    New way to RP ( for police officers)

    While processing a suspect, an APD officer should tell him his rights. 1. You have the right to shut the fuck up 2. Anything you say can and will be used to mock you in the court of your a lowtier player 3. You don't have the right to have a lawyer during questioning, however, if i feel you deserve one, you have the right to fuck off Do you understand lowtier player?
  11. Crossfade

    Sidechat Idea..

    Your actually toxic as fuck Fred... i hope you fall off your chair and hurt your thumbs
  12. Crossfade

    Sidechat Idea..

    yeah that, maybe not slow it down completely, unless you send a toxic amount of msgs in a few seconds.
  13. Crossfade

    Explicit | Montage

    at least he gets kills xD