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  1. 1.3m
  2. Welcome. You may msg me any questions.. I'll reply as fast as I can
  3. 220k, 150k and 120k houses fit 3 crates in. 200k sheds and 70k houses fit 2 crates. 40k is just a spawn area.
  4. If only it was fixed by the first post more posts wouldn't need to be posted kapapkappa
  5. In before I thought gnashes was being a cunt xD woot it's speed! Haha
  6. Can we get a suicide vest that when it explodes and kills people it leaves fluffy bunnys everywhere?
  7. to much effort they can rot in jail
  8. @bamf well fuck.... whos gonna bail me out now? D: Your Gang/Group will no longer be invited to your jury trial
  9. id prefer this medal tbh...
  10. maybe dont open the fucking fourms while flying?? gj
  11. Yeah well give me admin real quick and I can do that aswel I'll even leave him a suprise for the transaction
  12. Your cheap. I was gonna jump on cop and respawn and give him then for a low fee of 100k #nocorruptionhere
  13. i mean a range finder that is built into cops that cant be given to civs would be nice