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  1. I wasn't trying to act cool. unless ur a captain shit aint gonna get changed at the prison/bank/fed...
  2. geee..... don't we have devs that do that sort of stuff?
  3. any 150-220k house close to square don't care if theres crates. PM me with pics and price.
  4. honestly the banks fine. the Prison needs to be fixed, mass kicks need to be fixed, RDM needs to be fixed, other bugs need to be fixed, why fuck with something that's okay?
  5. sorry but are u a captain of the APD? no so sit the fuck down.
  6. I mean I sold the shed 600m from it up there on S4 for like 3.5m... I wouldn't pay 2m but id pay 1m for it.
  7. #altis strife hype
  8. Yeah on board. And yeah the 970 is better then what I had. arma is CPU intensive. So the card is only about graphics doesn't make much of a difference in fps. However without a good one you'll get heaps of fps but it looks like shit
  9. Was getting upto 100 outside and in fights however in cities it dropped to around 80-90ish sometimes I'd get 60. All depends on how laggy it was for me. however right now i have no GPU and im running at 40-50fps on medium graphics,
  10. I got upto 100fps on high with a i7 6700k 4.2ghz, amd R9 290 with 16gb ddr4.
  11. so the other week i had like 230ping now im getting over 360-430ish is the server in a different location now? or is it being dossed? i doubt its being dossed due to the time and how many players are online but im still getting good ping to other servers its just asylum D:
  12. Location in athria? Depending on location you'll get Upto 1.5m but it's hard to find a buyer willing to puy that. I wouldn't pay over 400k for the outside of athria but in town centre or close to id pay upto 900k
  13. Any suggestions?