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  1. The checks the server needs to do that are needed to have these added to myaslyum isn't an option apparently
  2. Been suggested before and outcome was a no due to how many updates are done.
  3. no shit. id land the motherfucker on a tower for a tower drop ;D
  4. oh okay was just curious
  5. i didn't really know where to post this but seeing as splunk is no longer active how does the server remove houses from people who are inactive? is it still 60 or 90 days? or are they perm yours now unless you get banned at which there removed? @Gnashes @bamf
  6. @Barley your in!
  7. THe only way is to disband and re create have screen shots of the perks and maybe an admin will give you them back if they in a nice mood. Maybe speak to someone first. they don't normally do it, and won't transfer gang house to another
  8. I remember when my north rebel shed magically just got removed from my possession multiple times lol. Had to have starance recover it for me like 3 times
  9. 1.3m
  10. Welcome. You may msg me any questions.. I'll reply as fast as I can
  11. 220k, 150k and 120k houses fit 3 crates in. 200k sheds and 70k houses fit 2 crates. 40k is just a spawn area.
  12. If only it was fixed by the first post more posts wouldn't need to be posted kapapkappa
  13. In before I thought gnashes was being a cunt xD woot it's speed! Haha