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  1. Maybe just get better aim? clearly missed his head... The bullet hit the sand barrier clearly...
  2. tbh i think they both know this, they just wanna complain about everything
  3. I truly hope V2 fixes all the bullshit and people come back, this community as toxic as it is has been by far one of the better ones ive been apart of. I have put well over 7k hours into asylum and would do it again.
  4. i know its not just the servers fault, BUT most of the player base that they had would still be here for most of part if the servers didn't turn to shit. We couldn't even begin to count how much money has been lost due to server crashes making people quit.. middle of meth run? that's nice im gonna crash and you lose it all. hope you had it recorded and if not too bad, even if you did heres 30% comp due to you not having the meth cooked at the drug dealer selling and being less than 1m from the atm.... the grind was already bad enough without crashes and buggy shit that other servers had already fixed. I know at least 10-15 people who quit because they refused to grind and have the risk the last 2hours meant nothing.
  5. I am so glad im not the only one, every single time i seen him write it i wanted to punch my monitor.. It legit made it sound like hes got a degree in English and is trying to flex with words not many people no the meaning of. LMAO Everyone i talked to about asylum V2 knew it was going to be delayed because unfortunately EVERYTHING that asylum does is delayed or broken and has to be fixed.... going back to when paratus was the owner to now there has been like no big updates released without issues. which is horrid because the servers can be so much fun when running properly. I honestly hope they fix the servers and get them running great again so the community can pick up to having 3-4 servers full and having to spam enter to get into the servers...
  6. No...... more people should be like me
  7. spoken like a true community manager xD
  8. @Donk @Spec @Huan Lee @Kareem Kinte
  9. you can pay me $5 per lockpick and $4 per zip tie to take them from ya
  10. Application: In-Game Name: OG Shaggy Age:12 almost 13 Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): Any experience fighting? None Vouches: I have no Friends Previous Gangs: Co Leader of Peek, Co Leader of Toxicity How active will you be? 15-25min a week
  11. Yeah pretty sure you did haha
  12. Remember shooting the rpg into the water for that one guy at prison? XD
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