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  1. Bada make William shave his head for LT but don't actually give him it... Ultimate troll
  2. yeah cadets need those... add those... Save cadets lives for once instead of meat shielding them all the time!
  3. tell me... how many keys were you given to say that? jks
  4. so what your saying is to donate to the community goals and get keys two birds one donation
  5. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 you should give keen something for donating to community goals before his own donor rank hes only rank 2.
  6. i remember going UC VR suit, carrier lite, carryall with a mx 5mags like 60 flashbangs and running around throwing em at the towers xD
  7. Crossfade

    Peace Out

    you'll live LOL
  8. i mean, are the stairs even being used? cops just sit sniper hill. first construction, first ATM and snipe LOOOOOOL waste of time adding the stairs as they don't use it xD
  9. Crossfade

    Peace Out

    24m cash, millions and millions in vehicles/houses and items who are you?
  10. gives everyone a link, makes it so nobody can do or see anything... perfect..
  11. did someone say Career Cops?
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