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  1. sorry for bad video... had a potato back in the day..
  2. theres only 2.48 before you die, u need 5min prior to death...
  3. the servers got shut down.... go crazy!
  4. Maybe don't get kidnapped?
  5. would be autistic pilot.. not that a child would know proper grammar or anything
  6. 250k
  7. I'll give ya 400k for one of the ones near gen store
  8. maybe because they want perm?
  9. because combat logging means they can rdm more.
  10. gl getting one for under 500k
  11. Looking for a Athria house S4, must be 2 story
  12. @bamf since refined salt became a thing for vermins everyone stopped and only here and there someone would do it. Maybe a buff for firearms factory would be good. i have no objections to black market however the turf could maybe affect the price too? Just a thought
  13. Edit button? I didn't edit nothing
  14. He said black market crafting is fine but firearms factory ****LEGAL***** needs a buff
  15. 10m