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  1. Its better than it was 2 years ago
  2. why would revive this aids
  3. I was in jail for about 3 days last week
  4. sorry for the poo frames
  5. http://deals.dell.com/productdetail/quk - $350 off https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/CyberPower-Monday-Tracer-II-15-with-Mechanical-KB
  6. Better than youre gunna die 123
  7. Yeah there sum buggy shit going on yesterday I was flying over sofia then all of a sudden I got teleported to the bottom of the ocean, it put me in a prisoner suit and was telling me I was in jail.
  8. I could've ate a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a better roast than that
  9. @bamf For the love of god just make the prison simple and small like it used to be. Why does there have to be like 10 steps to start the prison? If you have a rebel license and a gun you should just be able to intimidate the guard and start it. It doesn't need to be clustered with a bunch of random buildings n shit. It's not fun to fight in.
  10. Why am I never on during these suicidevest and esp give aways
  11. People want what they cant get.
  12. my first montage pro editor
  13. find a rock/place that you cant be easily flanked...sit there till somebody pushes you, never peek for anything else. then wait for somebody to try to revive them and kill them too.. and if youre playing with a friend play leap frog you rush up while the other person watches for the peeks