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  1. But others can get by because they suckle the balls of the admins
  2. Not my video but definitely a classic.
  3. I figured @HotWings would have at least 300 votes by now.
  4. Server has slowing been dying over the years because of shitty admins like @Clint Beastwood constantly perm banning people for stupid ass reasons which makes others want to leave. Why is Olympus even a thing? because admins decide to ban whole fucking gangs. The server is going to end when they eventually ban everybody who plays consistently. Makes 0 sense. Yet you blame the community.... right
  5. Lmao Pilot Josh, the man who fly's his helicopter 3500m in the air doing circle around the bank. never fails.
  6. 2/10
  7. Its better than it was 2 years ago
  8. why would revive this aids
  9. I was in jail for about 3 days last week
  10. sorry for the poo frames
  11. http://deals.dell.com/productdetail/quk - $350 off https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/CyberPower-Monday-Tracer-II-15-with-Mechanical-KB
  12. Better than youre gunna die 123