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  1. Server 1 has had a lot more activity with banks n shit.
  2. oh yeah, cops too just to make it even more autistic.
  3. Give it some water so it cools off
  4. The server crashed right after lol
  5. You're the shittest pistol banger that I've ever seen.
  6. Running down a dreammmm
  7. Was cadet but farmers ville is recruiting. Hit me up *wink wink*
  8. Yo there is a bug if you kick someone who is on cop out of your gang, he'll turn into a civ and lose the badge and when they die they'll drop their Y... Whoops.
  9. Suck it. He was the only one that could've seized by shit.
  10. "Thank you for your report" btw. What the fuck is that suppose mean
  11. Who?
  12. It's a secret.
  13. Took my boy's Prowler on a joy ride.
  14. Eyyy that's not true my guy, that'd be Marcel.