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  1. malden life ey
  2. say bro u lookin fine daw


  4. Shot the guy that put it in there, I dunno how he got it in, in the first place...
  5. That's still a gang?
  6. Mhm

  7. No, this dude is an idiot is all... At 2 minutes he downs Chief Keef and then Antho kills him, he thinks they traded...
  8. I dont blame him.
  9. this made me LMAO for some reason.
  10. say bro you accidently buy an m-900? i know u on that tight budget.
  11. say bro where u been?
  12. Hmm... What difference does it make?
  13. howdy and welcome there fella, enjoy your stay.
  14. Got bored... :(. No more grinding for me, grinded all month. Just wanted to climb the list. Now pass Leroy!
  15. ETA on new content? ;c