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  1. Effective Immediately Gear Check Removal With the removal of the gear check for APD officers, comes the ability for officers to equip all gear. Any officer found equipping gear suited for a rank above their own will be liable for up to 6 points (removal from the APD). Lieutenants+ may hand out Carrier Lite vests to officers during bank, federal reserve, and evidence lockup robberies, or prison breaks. Carrier Lite vests given to lower ranking officers may only be used during these engagements. Responding to Federal Reserve, Bank of Altis, and Prison of Altis With the increase of recent rebel activity, officers are only required to respond to the Federal Reserve, Bank of Altis, and Prison of Altis two times before they are allowed to redeploy and continue patrolling elsewhere on Altis. Any officers found to be abusing their two lives by wasting their lives (not valuing their life) may be liable for disciplinary action. Safety Vests Blue and yellow safety vests have been added for all officers at the rank of Constable+. Safety vests may be freely used by all officers as part of their uniform. Response Priority Federal Reserve Bank of Altis Prison Break Evidence Lockup Robbery This is likely to change, but for now this is the response priority. Temporary Policy Update Adrenaline Shot Bug With the current bug of suspects being able to get up from being downed earlier than intended, lethal ammunition is currently authorized during any of the following: Active Federal Reserve Robbery Active Bank of Altis Robbery Active Prison Break Active Evidence Lockup Robbery Any fire fights directly resulting from any of the above, if not currently active.
  2. Effective Immediately Cartel Raiding Procedure (Lieutenant+) The Cartel raiding procedure has been simplified. The new procedure is as follows. Must be issued by Lieutenant+. Ensure no other raid has been conducted this server cycle (only one raid per restart). Only armored vehicles can be used, with lights and sirens being used on the initial push. If no armored vehicle is taken that Lieutenant is AWOL and will be demoted. All participating officers have one life. You may take a helicopter to the cartel, provided it arrives after the armor. The helicopter must return to base if all ground units are wiped. Once the raid has been conducted, a Lieutenant+ will mark the cartel with their name and the time. When raiding the oil cartel and it is at the oil rig, a marked Orca may be used in lieu of a Hunter/Strider to raid the cartel. Therisa (Donor Town) Policy Cartels have overrun Therisa and all civilians have been evacuated from the area. To prevent high loss of life of APD officers, police are no longer able to patrol this area without probable cause. To gain probable, cause you will need to have any of the following: Fugitive ping 911 ping Warrant tracking APB tracking Parole violator Active pursuit No officers should remain in the area for a prolonged period of time. This also applies to undercover officers. Vehicle Seizing Policy (Lieutenant+) Lieutenant+ now have the ability to repair any illegal vehicle(s) and drive to the closest HQ for seizing. Vehicle seizing procedure (Lieutenant+) These vehicles may not be used for any armor on armor attacks. Only Lieutenants+ are allowed to drive these vehicles. You are allowed to defend yourself if you are disabled or flipped. No officers are allowed to man any of the vehicles’ weapons. Fed/Bank/Prison Responding All officers are required to respond to the Fed, Bank, or Prison until either the security is elevated or the prison break has been quelled. If there is excessive fighting going on at either of these locations, a Sergeant+ can call off the officers if they feel it is necessary. Bank of Altis/Prison of Altis Officers must stay until the Bank of Altis is at elevated security, or the Prison of Altis has been quelled or successfully completed. Federal Reserve Officers must attempt to fight for at least 10 minutes from when the Federal Reserve is first being broken into. Police and Bounty Hunter relations Police are only allowed to hand over a suspect if the suspect has been given a chance to pay a ticket and has refused to pay the ticket (up to a maximum of 3 chances). Officers must attempt to process any suspect that they have downed. If a bounty hunter restrains someone that an officer has already downed, it is the officer’s responsibility to retrieve the suspect from the bounty hunter. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Captain.
  3. Effective Immediately Any officer at the rank of Lieutenant or below are required to be in the APD Police Precinct Channels while on duty no matter what (even if with a Captain). This change is to help bridge the gap between our lower ranking officers (the backbone of the APD) and our APD staff team. Note: Moderators and Admins are exempt from this policy.
  4. A lot of good stuff.. Keep up the good work!
  5. @Tyler That is very funny.. Love the NETCODE of this game.
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