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  1. Add a 5 hour per month requirements for constables and corporals and I guarantee 400 ACTIVE cops are gone.
  2. I’d at least like reviving to be consistent between factions. Currently cops can Rez unlimited people but civs can only Rez 1 person every 3 minutes or so.
  3. Would never happen. Captains wont nerf themselves and half the admin team has perm LT.
  4. When v.2 comes out there should be fights
  5. Best to do it when you have a lot of sway. You can see where your bullets are going a lot easier.
  6. I think people might be more incentivised if the goals went to server development. Tier 1: Weapons and vehicles are 25% less Tier 2: Reduced jail time, increased fed/bank payout, money generated from cartel ownership, and increased drug sale price Tier 3: Small development change (Something easy that would require a small amount of time but is asked for frequently.) Tier 4: Large development change or community event (Could be something like the addition of a new way of money making or a gang wars.) Some money used to compensate devs or event organizer for the extra work.
  7. Mans really started the song back up to throw 3 extra singles in
  8. Yeah pretty sure Ive opened 200 and still no pilots
  9. For the most part it is about prices. Aside from the kids that run money all day just to buy the most expensive loadout they can at rebel. Need some long overdue price adjustments to get people using other guns. If shit isnt being bought bring the price down and maybe everyone wouldnt be using the MK1 or MK18.
  10. I'm not even against the captain MSXW. Its definitely a step up and I don't see a reason why captains shouldn't have a better gun than LT's. But why try and act like it was implemented to give cops an MK200 equivalent? MK200 costs so much that no one ever buys it. And if I'm not mistaken rebels are supposed to have the superior equipment available while cops often have numbers and free/cheap gear. Make it so I can spawn at rebel with a free load out and we have a deal.
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