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  1. Do we have confirmation here that Prime was ran off the server?
  2. Im not here asking him to change the whole event. Im only saying that the current reward is not worth the risk involved to attain it. Probably like the third time you've quoted me now telling me I always complain. If I cared for your opinion I would have listened the first time. Get back to sitting on Billys lap will ya
  3. Glad you made plans without asking what might be a better reward from the people that would be doing the event. Not gonna type about the guns again. They have no value. And the Y inventory's value is entirely determined by the drugs. If I only get 100-200k for selling the drugs in the hemmit I may as well do a bank and get as much money. If you're unable/unwilling to make a decent reward I'd suggest making the event require only a few cops and nerfing the cops a bit further to allow shitty gangs a chance at doing the event. They're the only ones that would ever make use of the items.
  4. The reward is shit. The guns are worthless. Everyone shows up with an MK1 anyway so no ones getting anything better from the truck. Its impractical to visit everyone's house (If they even have one) so only 1 person ends up with the weapons. Not to mention its much more convenient to buy your weapon at rebel with the rest of your loadout. Adding the ability to sell the guns or drugs wouldnt change a thing either. Why push the armory when you can defend the fed? Its fine though. Henry has been in tons of gangs so he clearly knows what would get 12 people onto the server and risking their loadouts and 45 minutes in jail.
  5. I remember someone suggested something similar on Olympus and was told by the devs there would be a significant proformance hit. Would that be the same here?
  6. You clearly missed what I was trying to convey. Its very disappointing to see the Chief of police patrol Kavala during an active fed while also testing new items to potentially buff the APD.
  7. This from the guy that went 2 lives at the fed and called off half the cops. Or the bank later on that you prowler slammed and logged off even though you were the only one capable of pulling armor. Seems like you purposely lose federal events so you can push for better gear.

    CS highlights

    Insane paki
  9. Funny you say that when civ hunters cost as much as civ ifrits.
  10. Pretty sure its determined by how much it would cost you to buy it. So 20% taxes and "On demand" cost could make 76000 half the cost easily. On the flip side you get more for chopping it so better off doing that.
  11. Biggest issue is that its ultimately up to the captains to nerf/buff their own faction. Hopefully staff will look over the suggestions to potentially force certain changes.
  12. Yep. I dont know how they expect me to fly in with a full loadout just to die to some kid camping a house. Turfs only worked when you could push the flag multiple times to spot out the enemy gang.
  13. If coke pro can be moved somewhere thats not on a main road thatd be great. Got to worry about the kids coming from rebel iching to kill someone and the cops that drive up from a populated city. edit. Even moving the processor to the other side of town would be better than having it along side the road
  14. Should do more polls like this. No matter what happens its on the community.
  15. If it’s not the cops catching you it will be bounty hunters so no point limiting the cops further. I have multiple rebel houses/garages on each server simply to avoid the aids that comes from spawning Therisa.
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