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  1. Speaking about gun pricing........ Reduce LIM prices. Old devs seemed to think it was better than the MK200. Reduce Mk200 and Lim mag costs. 4K each currently. Brings the cost of your gun up 16k when you buy 4 mags. Why is the AK12 more expensive than the MK1? It’s way worse. PDWs could use a price reduction. I’d say make it more in line with the sdar. Add type115 and price should be a bit more than the katiba. Could also make it a SGT weapon. Maybe add the car-95 variant that holds 100 rounds. 5.8mm I believe and low rate of fire so it’s not OP.
  2. No one will be using qilins. Might need a hotfix to reduce the price of ifrits a bit but otherwise great patch!
  3. Were you there when those PO's were calling Massi shit on Olympus? Like legit flaming him
  4. god paki
  5. Hes a bit upset his own gang leader plays with prime instead of with him
  6. Another thing to add is you cant buy the p90 from rebel shops so he spawned in the loadout before tping back to take the ifrit
  7. Cops probably complained they couldnt push the deer stands.
  8. Just buff the tires please
  9. While were at it lets add back the deerstands. Because cops seemed to be unable to handle that game mechanic.
  10. You can currently buy every ingredient needed to craft .50 cals. Devs would have been better off making it so you can’t buy oil and iron and that would stop people from doing the Mohawks as well. Instead they chose to fuck over gun runners
  11. Love how the cops don’t see an issue with a portable swat ladder that gives them 3 extra entry points to the fed.
  12. Should be Rank 1 Gang bank and war, Invite/kick, Access gang house storage Rank 2 Invite/kick and Access gang house storage Rank 3 Access gang house storage Rank 4 Nothing
  13. @Samperino policy making it so cops can’t use vans to go over H barriers plz
  14. Can we also have it changed so that you dont see 4 lines of text every time you get a war kill? Current ZZZZZZZ was killed by YYYYYYYYY You have earned 20 infamy for your warkill and now have XXXXXXX War rating changed from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX War kills increased from XXXXXXX to XXXXX