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  1. some insane gameplay
  2. hehe
  3. Action taken, thank you for the report.
  4. yasuo mains... amirite even though im m7 yas
  5. i have only heard yanny in all vids. i just want to hear laurel
  6. Ethan Shower with your dad sim Jk i already have it Far cry 5 <3
  7. someone is getting points
  8. interesting thread we have here
  9. ill play koth every now and then but i just get bored of it after a round or 2 and i can never seem to get the bois into exile as much as i would like to get really into none of the other guys want to.
  10. im installing ECO gonna see how it is, its free atm. Any beginner tips?
  11. what do you grind for in that game?
  12. Ever since i stopped playing arma as much as i used to ive been so bored bc i have no games to play like i played arma. Any Recommendations for games i can put 1000s of hours into like i did arma?
  13. i do it too lmao