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  1. RIP

    WELL RIP to all the people that got banned for the gold bars glitch the people that got banned are like this
  2. bro its asylum get ready for me the cops do rp some do but most dont so do us a big one and stfu
  4. lol role play model most of the cops dont rp
  5. well it needs to be for the special people and there never going to change it
  6. wow Current Gang - One New Enemy Previous Gangs - Farmersville, The Badgers
  7. true xd Æ | Acheron
  8. mmmm thats pretty goood
  9. lol
  10. lol man Current: crixusPast: Thantos | black water | odium
  11. Current: crixus Past: Thantos | black water | odium