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  1. Damn talk about drama.
  2. You can also get a 1070 for around 410 which is a great card.
  3. what is english
  4. is you monitor ok though??
  5. pop a fireteam medallion and grind pubs if you have to level the main thing is not getting fucked by rng with powerful gear
  7. Will miss ya hopefully you get back into R6 again, take care dude
  8. good luck getting cpl on 3!!!!
  9. I'm just looking here and i don't see any relevance here
  10. At least my server is up 24/7.
  11. slick i miss watching you crash all the time.
  12. but driving thru square at 300 is so fun
  13. i have a hummingbird kill count of over 300
  14. were you the pitcher or catcher??
  15. i don't wanna talk about what happened on that day