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  1. i didnt know he had those
  2. he was 7 beers in at 9:30am.....
  3. Congrats @Clockwerk
  4. did you turn yourself in 5 minutes later or 45 minutes later?? If you turn yourself in right after of course they wont lower it that much.
  5. WTF did i just watch lol
  6. sui vest cops whenever possible
  7. u suk
  8. Get well soon.
  9. server 2 is dead you most likely wont find a buyer
  10. First house is a 150k that is 50m from dmv and is also invincible Asking Price : 800k Second house is a 150k that is 100m from dmv Asking Price : 700k
  11. i didnt know shooting cops when they are standing still would go into a montage lmao
  13. I blame billy
  14. Happy New Year dude!!
  15. welcome to asylum hope you have a great time heres a guide if you want: