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  1. Happy New Year dude!!
  2. welcome to asylum hope you have a great time heres a guide if you want:
  3. sucks to see ya go it was nice playing with ya peace dude
  4. so pubg??? I willl miss playing arma with you though
  5. how does a single corporal authorize lethals when the two constables voted as well??
  6. are you a pro at unflipping yet???
  7. And then there's voice changers.....
  8. i think your last post made you look braindead. just stop while you're ahead.
  9. no ffa on rust ??
  10. he has logs which he can read lmao
  11. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  12. i can get on and pistol bang
  13. Assylum Altis Life Server 2 KGB Leader kills traitors Dimetry Petrov and Omar Bar great title