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  1. i only talked to him a couple times, no disrespect towards dark. he's a really nice guy.
  2. Farewell asylum, iv'e had one hell of a journey... good and bad ones. So many things have been happening lately with family and on the game too, i decided that i had my fair share of experiences on the servers and with meeting people in the community and on the APD.. But unfortunately like i said stuff has been happening and decided that my time of hopping on and getting into some craziness everyday has come to end. I wish the best for the community and further more. BigBelly Signing out... @MASTA_B You've been the best to me man, we've been through hell and back since my first days on asylum. much love @andy7255 Andy you fookin PLANK, only known you and jack for a while but you sure put a smile on my face at moments... much love @onexlifeonly132 Really nice speakin with you all those times soap see you around, and ps GET OFF RISING STORM.. @thelegendarywookie man.. all those fun times we had on cop and civ was a experience to remember, good to see your a constable again! wish you luck @Donald Clinton It was nice knowin you bud, we had some crazy moments, didnt get to talk to you much but what goes around comes around.. @Energy It was nice knowin you bud, Thx for the inv to DS but it seems i wont be needing it anymore @DarkKnight One of my favorite captains even though you weren't much of a talker @Bunni Pretty sure this is the right bunny but either way nice knowin ya, Loved annoying you @Faded G╬▒laxy Didn't know you a whole lot but you sure as hell cared about me and others, nice knowin you bud.. @bamf Didn't know you at all but... thanks for a making a server that i wanted to play on.. it was a dream. Farewell Goodbye asylum, it was a blast... if you do ever see me on again its probably just cause im bored and wont be for long...