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  1. tiger stop ban evading
  2. your merch isn't gonna sell well if u keep putting shit content out like this https://streamlabs.com/sadpinhd/#/merch $50 "LOL" sweatshirt BTW $20 "DerpaDerp" Mug ...... kys
  3. https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-Alloy-Elite-Software-Controlled-Customization/dp/B077YDJWZR
  4. How do people think that is aimbot? Morons.
  5. why the fuck did they accept u into temper
  6. so basically stratego is shit and can not lead a gang, this isnt news..
  7. better than montages nowadays
  8. lol no wonder he is so shit
  9. bring back stratis!
  10. if only it was real
  11. whats the lowest u will go?