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    negative rep btw
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    Walking my dog. He's a golden meth lab retriever.

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  1. why everyone hating on ron? He's like the sweetest kid in Kavala.
  2. he got reset. Haven't been of for 30+ days.
  3. I remember roleplaying with your voice in Kavala dude. One of the funniest UC's on the APD rooster. Big funs. +1
  4. This Boris gang seems like a great V2 addition. Does one have to be active or can we roleplay on the forums?
  5. Better catch that barley bro, before any cops show up.
  6. I got evicted from Kavala after speedbombing the square one time too many. Got depressed and threw my PC out the window. Dawn of War is pretty fun on single player though.
  7. -game name: Big Fred Age: 41 Arma 3 hours (No minimum but more is good): 3800 Previous/Current Gangs: Mostly kebab delivery services in Kavala. Used to be the lead singer in Aerosmith. How active are you? : I disconnected my PC and bought a Squat Rack instead. Why do you want to join Ultor ?: I was invited while AFK:ing in Pyrgos... just wanted to make it official. How many hours do you have on Asylum? You can just put the amount of talent point s you have): too many.
  8. I like the idea of re-balancing fire fights to more up close and personal. However, 7.62 rifles is the only thing that really balances fights between Cop armour with downing rounds vs Rebels with lethals. At least from my experience. Also, imagine everyone having to re-write their pulldown scripts... yikes!
  9. I got the neckbeard thing all wrong. One could say I've been enlightened by your post. Thanks for showing me the way good sir.
  10. Good riddance. But they will be back on alt accounts like true shitters.
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