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  1. I'm not gonna lie. I was really confused how you were VIP level 10 the other Day YuSheng. Then I realized it was in your name.
  2. Everyone is into Scotch, because they realized it's a quicker haul and frankly, a bigger payout from your mats house.
  3. lo, putting exams above video games... dude. like what are you thinking?
  4. 22m above sea level. Wouldn't survive a flood. 3/10
  5. also good for anyone who want to accidentally disconnect sling loaded fuel trucks over Kavala.
  6. It's pretty good for anyone who actually want to take off in their helicopeters. Just imagine being able to pull a HEMMT and a Taru at the same place... one could be picking apples for days!
  7. Big Fred


    I see a lot of improvement over time here Phil.
  8. That's what it says on the clients end IIRC. In side chat it probably says Kazeem connected. Kazeem disconnected. In my experience, a day or two later: no problem.
  9. Ahh that sucks. I know the feeling my man Yeah man. I hate it when they're underage. wait what
  10. It's not the hotfix. It's a random server/client handshake failure. You connect, but disconect instantly. On your end it doesn't even show this however. I've experienced it multiple times. All you need to do is wait for another server session and it usually fixes itself. Sucks to sit out gaming sessions though, or even worse: to go outside. and see the sun.
  11. How the hell is it passive when it has all the same activitiy requirements as Meth or any other drug? You have to collect the ingredients. Get them to the processing. Process them at an illegal area. Get them out of there. Then go to an illegal area to sell them. Add to that, the fact you also have to stop at your house inbetween and wait 6000 restarts while you toggle all your barrels every restart to get full loads of 25 year old. How is that even remotely close to any passive activity?
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