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  1. You joined the server two months ago and you played Kavala like a complete newbie. Couldn't even find the courthouse, chased all the $1,500 bountys and combat logged as soon as someone else downed you. You tryin' to tell me you've been around for three years? The new nickname and gameplay had me totally fooled then. Well played.
  2. So you didn't even watch the video, but kept arguing Spooks don't understand ballistics, even though he clearly explained it to you? Just get out of the thread while you're only knee deep bro.
  3. Should have filled the trunk with water bottles.
  4. Hey, I know this guy! He's one of the new Bounty Hunters in Kavala who looses connection when he gets restrained by someone else. @Agent SEED Welcome back bro. Hope you've solved your ISP issues man.
  5. I used to CC all the time, but mom took my soft air gun when she noticed it one day.
  6. Take a look at 0:51-0:52 where the gun smoke is coming from. It's coming straight from the wall, not the door this time. One shot, right in the head. Steps to reproduce: DISCLAIMER: These pictures are meant for educational purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Void where prohibited. Some exploiting required.
  7. Really nice house. Especially with tier 2 goals. Pistol banging rebel has never been so much fun. Would bid, but can't bid over my boy Koi. <3
  8. Typical. Never. Ever. Trust a guy with a TRG.
  9. Word on the street is Jcore still have them locked up in a basement somewhere in Kavala.
  10. I take offense to that tbh. It's not like I have an extensive log on everyone's ban-lists, so how would I have known? Since I'm a dude, I guess he never saw a reason to harass me personally.
  11. having seen your piloting skills Rando, I can understand how an explosive resistant vest could be useful.
  12. I just realized I've ran into your squad multiple times and all you's are great guys ingame. Dude, how are you such a shitposter on the forums, but actually one of the more level headed players on the server? Stop hatin' on Terry guys, he's actually a good guy. Sincerely, Big Fred, Kavala Residental Country Club Kavala Hills
  13. well, that was easy. I guess ghillie suits really do provide camouflage.