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  1. This^ One for each coke prod.
  2. I think I dropped it to the market tbh, so have no idea who picked it up. Got in a hurry as a meth shed was available.
  3. Looks like scotch houses will be on the rise again. I was wondering why nobody run scotch anymore.
  4. Link your YT channel so we can sub for this. gon be hillarious to watch.
  5. This ^ Opfor just keep stacking up and team-balance wont even hit them.
  6. I sold the left one to the market a while ago. I wouldn't be surprised if the other guy noticed and bought it up. They're great houses, not just for scotch. You can shoot both the HQ and Kavala square ATM building from here.
  7. This is a really good house. With the garage and an extra mats house it's a great money maker. A competent scotch runner can pull 70k every restart from here. I'd say he can get 200k and 350k+ if he's not in a hurry to get rid of them.
  8. Well, at least there's a warning from now on, literally on these here forums, clarifying that it's not ok to scam the real estate market.
  9. Server currently taking a shit. Might wanna hold off until restart.
  10. Done. Contract is signed and hidden in the fireplace. Don't mind the dead rabbit on the floor.
  11. You drive a hard bargain, but I'm sold. Will be on in ten mins. Need a shower before we sign any deals.
  12. Wow, nice Extra Sensory Perception...
  13. Nope, sorry. I need it to check in on Roger Ailes, make sure he's alright. He's been getting robbed a lot lately since I moved out.