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  1. 9.0?
  2. Eminem coming back now
  3. i have one lmao but its not for sale
  4. I do not like the 24 hour wait, maybe like 30-60 minutes
  5. Dude, spikestrips, seriously. This would be aids. People would be out here killing each other with spike strips in kavala, also you are not in pursuit of people like an officer, you dont have sirens, this is uneeded deeply and would cause more issues. Weapon wise, 75% of the APD is constables and cadets. They get MX's. Bounty hunters do not need MK1. This would not be fair. Handcuffs are not needed because you have zipties and it would cause a lot of people just quitting because they are stuck and it happens too often. The only one I could possibly imagine is the vehicle ones with some adjustments. In my opinion bounty hunters are already OP, as its a one shot to down somebody and if your spraying then its over.
  6. I played Runescape when i was like 6,
  7. Trucking business? I am not interested in it I just want to know what it entails.
  8. Lol. These are priceless
  9. Lol the web browser squad
  10. OK?