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  1. Bright white for me...
  2. Use multiple servers... you can have 15 houses (excluding gang houses) across all 3 servers...
  3. I’m confused how driving a car up the H barrier and jumping out is exploiting...
  4. I didn’t come for you until after that situation. And before you bailed out of your car and disconnected like the bitch you are.
  5. Technically, jumping on the van is exploiting... so...
  6. I can get on the h barriers with an SUV or Quilin... no vans necessary. if you would limit cops to entering through gates only and playing sniper elite, the FED would be too easy...
  7. He recently started using recording software. He’s not some tryhard cartel nerd, he’s just having fun. this isn’t a montage, it’s just a video he felt like posting. Relax on the flaming.
  8. no wonder you're in Nv, you're a douchebag.
  9. Happens to me too 75% of the time... not sure why...
  10. I keep SUVs in my garage strictly for car flipping... no need to ruin it. however, if I flip a car and it does happen to go boom, I do comp. can’t say the same for the other trolls...
  11. @Codie Alterman WELL DESERVED BROTHER!!! Congrats!!
  12. omg.... aren't you that guy from Quantum????????
  13. I know they’ve given out compensation in-game, but that would require you to be in game to get it. Some people that suffered losses weren’t on when they gave out money.
  14. Here’s a long shot, but due to the recent instability, could we be gifted tier 4 rewards in the near future? Mainly just the extra crate space I’m looking for... @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood
  15. It’s all a reflection on the leadership. I’ll have to get whitelisted again to show them the way... right @cbakes and @MASTA_B??