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  1. Reported
  2. How populated is the server when this happens? Low pop, in the mornings EST, I don’t see any issues. But as soon as the server goes over 40, the issues arise.
  3. If space gets under your skin so easily, you’re too sensitive.
  4. Ballpark, what r u looking to get for this house?
  5. You have no right to talk ANY KIND IF SHIT, kid. You LEGIT, went crying to a developer trying to get someone’s personal info, to press harassment charges, because he shared a photo that you POSTED ON THE INTERNET. fall back, tough guy
  6. Just a tad bit better RT and aim than a 30+ yr old. just take some Ritalin and get some more clips
  7. We're not Tryhards attempting an ArmA 3 MLG career. We're a group of friends that have a good time and a LOT of laughs...
  8. You pile shit high enough...and SOMEONE will notice...
  9. The dev(s) keep giving the players what they want (except stable servers) and the playerbase continuously shits on it. What the fuck do you expect???
  10. Hahahahahahahaha.... recorded poor Dillons phone convo
  11. Yeah, u just have to be whitelisted to use a vpn
  12. Maybe a VPN will solve these issues??
  13. Yeah, it's not a server issue cuz I just started getting Battleyed from KOTH servers too. Fuckin Comcast... those bastards...
  14. Ur a beast You deserve to undo another button
  15. Good compilation of Josh's reactions!