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  1. Cya

    I’ve told you, I’ll accept you however you choose to live your life, kid.
  2. Cya

    @Chow Mein you can just join me on KoTH...
  3. Didn’t you just go lethal everyone?? Good meme
  4. Cya

    At least you won’t be missing much. take care brother!!
  5. No need for new patches... community is crumbling... im spending my 15 mil and calling it quits...
  6. You still have this?? 500k
  7. Just imagine... this house held a $3 MILLION value when u could spawn in houses when turf was red...
  8. oh, THATS what happened to that...
  9. Yeah, I don’t wanna take stabs at you man... you aight, he aint
  10. The guy was banned for harassment for harassing a female for an entire server session... yeah... stand up guy... you go to bat for woman beaters too??
  11. If they buffed medics, people would just steal their shit more often...
  12. Nice clips. but, u can’t quit pc gaming!! Identity is coming out!!
  13. The cop definitely deserved blacklisting. Multiple rules violated. But you’re still a douchebag @terry
  14. Maybe this is what I can do with my millions...
  15. Personally, I’ve been getting back into KoTH while I juggle time between Asylum and Olympus. If they ( @bamf & whoever ) could reintroduce Strife, that would be awesome! Even if I’m not rewarded with Asylum money, I’d be stoked to play strife again.