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  1. Taco Bell is better

  2. Avoid switching seats from within a vehicle. Get out to switch. That's a big cause of the naked bug
  3. It's nice to see a montage that includes more cartel clips than just OG. nice work man!
  4. Good Point, you're flaming enough for this whole forum
  5. Meet the King of Crafting. @General Baked Potatoes And please, stop talking shit like you're hot shit...
  6. Cash can't get kills otherwise...
  7. good times.... good times
  8. I had an inside source from the brotherhood tell me that the brotherhood was actively duping suicide vests and other gear. so, it's not a case of false accusations. it's a case of FACT, that it WAS happening.
  9. "Obey the safety rules"
  10. It's edited to make it look like a multi-kill clip. Just look at sidechat. why does it have to be a ban evader? Probably just a summer sale alt account
  11. Shit, if I knew how, I'd be selling mills for $20...
  12. Lost a battle?? You're cute. we weren't even fighting you, we were cop killing at air hq because they decided to come to rodo when it popped. You and your "gang" were spamming side chat about us being dupers because we used sui vests that we actually purchased...
  13. Trolling at its finest... i had so many people report me for that and they were all disappointed that I didn't get banned for it. I've seen a LOT worse in sidechat. shit, if they don't get banned for their duping and shit, I better not get hit for that comment.
  14. Good ol' arthur: the ULTIMATE robocop
  15. LMAO @1:18 hahahahahaha