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  1. Listen kid, double that age, and show some respect you little cunt. Before I take it out on your mother.
  2. If the servers weren't plagued with Battleeye kicks, we wouldn't have to worry about false comp reports, NOW WOULD WE??
  3. There was a time when you couldn't repair your vehicle without a repair kit. If the 1k+ run is something you can't handle, there's always that suicide button. Cut your losses and move on...
  4. Broke bitch. I have fallen in love with KOTH. I either do orca/Mohawk transport into the AO, or take an ifrit and drop on all the pussy ass snipers.
  5. I'm thinking it should. I haven't tried it myself, I don't really hunt my bounties, I'd rather harass the piggies.
  6. Alright.... we're well into November. How bout an update? Don't wanna ruin the good streak you had, do you @bamf?
  7. Have you tried switching servers, then switching back? Also, after a server restart, I suggest waiting 5 minutes before you request bounties to avoid the unavailable bastards
  8. I prefer to kidnap Plete and drop him off the hospital roof...
  9. Ok, new month, new patch... let's goooooooo
  10. Nope, too much effort...
  11. Since the Medics all stay in kavala, and 95% that play medic just troll around, how bout you drop the medic slots down to 2. Along with this, if you die outside kavala, there's less than a 1% chance your gonna get revived by a medic, so how bout you remove the script for being revived by an unprofessional and make ALL revives bring your health to a full 100%.
  12. Driving a hunter in kavala is like taking an ifrit to a cartel, u gotta be prepared to lose it.
  13. Just do what I used to do. Switch to bounty hunter, stock a house with black vests, then switch back to rebel. Problem solved.
  14. I use an SSD and have NEVER had freezing issues.