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  1. CIV Vans or RIOT!!!!!!
  2. It’s 4 w/o Panagia, 3 WITH Panagia turf ownership. Arms Dealer plays no part...
  3. 150k
  4. I have a dp15 house/garage...guess I need a DP21/22 house now...xD
  5. Well, now I gotta change my whole turf game up...
  6. #RIPstrife2017-2017
  7. RIP

    Glad you're okay, Goodluck with your repairs!!! We'll miss ya!!
  8. I saw this coming... Good times were had. We’ll see u around my man...
  9. I think the timer should be EXTENDED to 30 minutes... the more times this happens to assholes in kavala, the LESS people will actually stay in kavala....
  10. Better question... why u taking my Cartels?
  11. When stupid people show their stupidity... Whitelisting should be closed for a while so asylum can take the time to clear these retards from their ranks. Out of every 5 cadets, 4 will make it past the cadet week. Of those 4, 3 will become know-it-all, robocop, FUCKBOIS.
  12. Sad to see my man little boat peacing out... see ya in 2 weeks...
  13. As always, nice tage man!
  14. +100000000000000000
  15. Good shit @Marzoh