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  1. Sounds like a bit of a shitty situation
  2. The reason the majority of people were complaining was because they were told a set date which obviously wasn't realistic. V2 was supposed to /expected to bring back life and blow everyone away. From what i can see the server seems a long way from that. A bunch of other servers also "work" i know where most other people would rather currently spend their time.
  3. Yeah buys armour, gun. mags and basically all i menu, just saves time in general. Obviously has a load time of like 5 seconds or so.
  4. Loading loadouts, Was a really nice feature on Olympus until they fucked it up. Just a nice QOL feature tbh.
  5. Always been a thing on Asylum, you just have to "tap it" press t which resets the 5 minute? timer.
  6. Is there any "official" place to report bugs for v2? Seems pointless to test if people don't have a place to report the issue Or would we just be using the normal bug reporting section on the forums?
  7. They need to fully fix the test server first after 30 mins on the server it was still a WIP certain bits missing or not working etc
  8. Been playing here for over a year never had a ban Played Olympus for around 6 months 5 bans Olympus admins are somewhat special.
  9. Sir if you think I'm here for the combat you are surely mistaken! One does not take up the name of Mason Statham to harm others he does so to entice them in splendid roleplay.
  10. Gets me in the mood to come back to cop tbh. Nice tage
  11. Who said teamplayers are coming over? A good percentage of them have no money on the server and some are going back to their old gangs. Don't really see teamplayers being a thing on here if I'm honest.
  12. Imagine giving $500 of your parents hard earned money to a video game?
  13. All of those go against Bohemia monetization rules. The server has their hands tied with the donation rewards really. Heard Bohemia kicked off a fuss over being able to carry 1 more mag with a carry all and pilot covs compared to csats and a carry all
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