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  1. Damn a whole point that must of taught him!
  2. Who would of thought the solution to bad RP is to RP better.
  3. Did DS mason ifrit drop on you defensive star and shit on you last gangwars? Tricks was in literal Elo hell with that team
  4. Price lower has been needed for ages. Let just hope they don't decide to reimplement the dynamic market after all the complaints.
  5. Ownership and perks shouldn't be lost until the cartel % drops below 1% also
  6. His voice sure sounded like flashbangs most times.
  7. Hopped on with my Olympus gang a few days ago and server hopped around 4 times due to constant lag. Servers are unplayable in their current state most times. Soon as V2 comes out most of us are coming here to play.
  8. As far as I'm aware that's only when you're on cop? Of course harrasment etc carries over to civ but I'm sure sexual roleplay civ to civ is fine as long as both players are down.
  9. A server what doesn't lag along with playing my some of my OG friends on here again.
  10. It was truly a effort reading this.
  11. Would be good. To be fair outside of the finals one of the best gang wars in terms of barely anyone getting hit like usual. Wonder if the final winners did ever get Thier prizes tho
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