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  1. When them pesky kavala rats get there hands on a plane
  2. andy7255

    Website Help

    Looks very professional, one thing I will mention is the writing in the logo is very small and hard to read.
  3. Is the revive cost going to be reviewed? What is the reasoning for the price to be more than doubled?
  4. Kavala rats wouldn't stand a chance with these houses
  5. Currently don't see any issues with current setup of fed.
  6. Built a new computer a few months ago, here are my specs below: System : https://gyazo.com/c5a299399efc5079b8542007a803a643 Display : https://gyazo.com/2036196f4bddd6c4a48bca682160f987
  7. Asylum Pest Control back at it again. Keep up the good work!
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