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  1. I was not expecting this. 10/10
  2. Spawning with a debit card is super useful. Means it pretty much impossible to rob you. Unless the catch you when selling.
  3. The problem is the bounty hunters who don't say a word then down you and send you to jail or the bounty hunter who think they are cops until they have a bullet in their brain.
  4. If in doubt drive through them I suppose
  5. This would be the perfect solution for getting rid of the kavala rats!
  6. Song Name?
  7. So After the Van Incident I bought an Truck Boxer As I thought it was safer. This Happened....
  8. I have many videos of shit like this happening, I just upload the good one's
  9. Bug

    The sights should automatically be put into ur inventory instead of completely disappearing.
  10. Bug

    I decided to take a trip to rebel to buy multiple sights for my guns and store them in my house. I lift 15k out of the ATM and just buy multiple sights from the shop and after buying them it turned out I didn't buy a single sight. This bug should either be fixed or some sort of warning in place so that I knew that none of the sights actually went into my inventory. @Gnashes
  11. It's the fact that I just continue selling and ignore the fact that I unflipped it.
  12. I like the van because u can fit slightly more in it and it less likely that someone has the dlc to drive it compared to box truck which everyone can drive