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  1. Mr.Purple

    Preston Garvey | Altis Minuteman

    "Let me mark it on your map" LMAO
  2. Mr.Purple


    I have his son on snap chat, he also played Asylum. @Dredd If you are on the forums we want you back.
  3. Mr.Purple

    Who else is ready for the free weekend!

    Low key can't wait for all that Scripted in money.
  4. Mr.Purple

    Asylum #5

    poo poo once again.
  5. Mr.Purple

    Happy Valentine <3

    @Huan Lee and @M R. O R A N G E Will you be my valentines!
  6. Mr.Purple


    Thank you @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood @Mitch (IFRIT), and the Asylum Admin/Support team for everything you guys are doing. <3
  7. On the other hand, I think all the low-tier shit guns at rebel should be dropped in price a Protecter is like 5k when a MK-1 is 7k. We all know no one buys those guns.
  8. Mr.Purple

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    Nice group name on first clip.
  9. Mr.Purple

    P a g e - Asylum Last

    This happened before. The players who picked up the money got permed; if you are a veteran player, or just common sense if you pick up scripted money don't fuck with it. Page you'll be able to come back in the future no doubt about it.
  10. Mr.Purple

    Asylum Exchange & You

    I've always had the solution. Add barns.
  11. Mr.Purple

    Could we get an update plx?

    Lets start talking about barns.
  12. Mr.Purple

    cHROME Asylum #1

    Not bad homie.
  13. Mr.Purple

    oil cartel / rubber

    Make the oil cartel giver rubber again. *Fixed*
  14. Mr.Purple

    KrazyKnight Killing even more captains!!!

    Indeed loud, but good clips lol.