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  1. Mr.Purple

    Stuff for sale

    After the events if you managed to live and win you got to keep the stuff. I feel like we aren't abusing anything we are just keeping items that are rare. In any other game its the same circumstance, in WOW or anything else if you get something super rare you want to keep it and treasure it. This goes for items that aren't even useful, but they are rare because they got removed. (Treasure Maps, Protest Signs) I understand wiping crates of hacked in, or glitched in items, but from a late 2014 to early 2015 player I feel like this isn't right.
  2. Mr.Purple

    Stuff for sale

    pff don't be a pussy I still have 3 7.62 SUPP in my crate from Mr. Smirnoff
  3. I've been craving a good Hardcore Arma RP experience just like the old CG days, and I've been thinking Asylum could do this. What do you guys think?
  4. Are you stupid, or just retarded?
  5. +1 I'd rock that shit any day.
  6. Yea I would say that's pretty gnarly.
  7. Mr.Purple


  8. I disliked the video.
  9. Why em I not on the list.
  10. Mr.Purple

    Wizard 101

    Pirates of the Caribbean Online was better. smh
  11. Seeing more people around black market for that risk factor would be exciting. Love the ideas I’ve always wanted craftable clothing +1
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