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  1. You know what [APD] Wolf I like your name AND picture.
  2. No option for non?
  3. Who cares it’s 2018 just unban him.
  4. Can someone Mod-Que this guy.
  5. Don't go flying into another orca with this one.
  6. When I thought I was rich back in the day.
  7. I remember you, WELCOME BACK!
  8. You don't want to come back.
  9. I remember always fighting you guys on S2 a few years ago when White Glove Society was a thing. You’ll be missed my friend, my enemy, and my ally.
  10. I know a really good officer. @WolfLeader
  11. Hello my fellow S1 player.
  12. That was when orca's were tanks.
  13. You can be productive when you are wasting time. Lots of people sell Asylum cash.